Why are The Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Worth the Hype

Every sneakerhead knows that you don’t have a full collection unless you have at least one pair of Air Jordan 1s. Despite the fact that the NBA GOAT has issued 26 signature pairs to date, nothing compares to this legendary model.

Michael Jordan has altered both the game of basketball and the athletic shoe business over the course of several decades. But Jordans are more than simply a fashion statement. They also provide style, comfort, and a high resale value.

This is only one of the reasons why Air Jordan 1 sneakers are still popular today, with some fans willing to pay hundreds (or even millions) of dollars for a pair. The good news is that adding Air Jordan 1s to your collection won’t break the wallet. A typical pair will cost between $90 and $170. Continue reading to learn eight more reasons why Air Jordan 1 sneakers are worth the hype and your money.

They are the OG’s
The first Air Jordan 1s were released. This sneaker, which debuted in 1985, changed the way the world and the NBA regarded basketball shoes. Despite the fact that Nike has released hundreds of Air Jordans since then, nothing can replace the original. You’re buying a piece of history when you buy a pair of Air Jordan 1s.

Jordan was a forerunner for the business as one of the first NBA stars to sign a contract with Nike. The five-year endorsement arrangement was worth $2.5 million plus royalties at the time. That is now worth more than $500 million.

What’s more amazing is how early in his career he landed the contract. Jordan had not yet established himself as the famed NBA superstar he is today in 1985. Perhaps Nike know something that no one else did at the time?

The Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Have an Intriguing History
The fact that a young, up-and-coming player won one of the most lucrative footwear deals in history is only part of the tale. The controversial past of the Air Jordan 1 shoes adds to their allure.

You can’t discuss Air Jordan 1s without mentioning the player’s passion to both the game and the footwear. The NBA banned the sneaker shortly after its debut because it did not adhere to the league’s uniform and color criteria or policies. Jordan, on the other hand, was unfazed. He continued to wear his eponymous shoes, despite facing a $5,000 punishment each time he went onto the court.

What’s more incredible is that Nike cheerfully paid the punishment for Jordan, seeing his resistance as a unique promotional opportunity. Jordan couldn’t have been too furious with the NBA since he won Rookie of the Year the following year.

Available in Low, Mid and High Temperatures
The highs are the most iconic Air Jordan 1 footwear, but they’re not the only ones. The shoe is also available in low and mid-cut versions.

The shoe’s low variant is akin to the now-popular Nike Dunk Low. Although it was mostly overlooked by most sneaker collectors for many years, celebrity partnerships and eye-catching hues have recently resulted in its resurrection.

The Air Jordan 1 mid is the most popular model, despite not being the original design. The 5.5-inch shoe was initially made in the early 2000s, but it was never marketed in its original hue. The closest comparable would be the 2006 Old Love/New Love set, which contained a black toe variation. After the original Chicago Bulls colorway, this was Jordan’s second choice on the court.

The Air Jordan 1 grey highs are classic and measure an astounding 6.5 inches. They’re also the model with the most colors and collaborations, as well as the greatest recognition in the sneaker community.


If you want a pair of Air Jordan 1 highs, you must move quickly. This variant is the quickest to sell out and typically at the highest price.

A Large Variety of Colorways and Collaborations
Speaking of colors and collaborations, there is another reason why Air Jordan 1s are among the most sought-after sneakers in the Nike lineup. If you consider yourself a hype monster, you should pay close attention.

These sneakers are available in a plethora of colours and combinations, in addition to the standard black, white, and red. Some are created in conjunction with other designers such as Off-White or Christian Dior, as well as celebrities such as Travis Scott. Others pay respect to colleges such as Michigan and North Carolina.

With so many colorways to pick from, you’re sure to discover an Air Jordan 1 that matches your style, budget, and personality.

You can’t talk about classic sneakers without discussing Michael Jordan, one of the most legendary NBA players of all time. Only his unique talent to design some of the best sneakers ever worn on and off the court surpassed his athletic success.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers, whether you’re a sneakerhead looking to grow your collection or a first-time shopper. There is no shortage of alternatives when searching for this model, which is available in lows, mids, and highs, as well as a myriad of colours and designs.

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