Few things to keep in mind when traveling for first time

Traveling to India is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Visiting a country for the first time can be a bit of a culture shock, especially if it is your first time. There are many cultural and customs that are unique to this vast and bewildering country. In the cities, there is an endless pace of activity, with traffic roaring and activity bustling non-stop. The cities have an endless pace of activity, with traffic roaring and activity bustling non-stop. Do you know how to prepare yourself for this assault on your senses that is about to happen? We have compiled a list of our essential India travel tips for newbies to help you learn about this fascinating country as you prepare to visit it. For more tips, itinerary suggestions and more, take a look at the new edition of the Rough Guide to India.

1. Take care not to burn out

In my experience, first-time visitors to India have a common complaint: fatigue – the result of doing too much in too little time – which has become a very common complaint. In spite of the fact that India is a vast, colorful, and charming country, you will still only be able to see the basics. There are many benefits to spending time in one area in depth as opposed to traveling the whole country in one day. You can visit India over and over again – it’s not going anywhere.

There is no better way to relax in India than by visiting one of the beautiful beaches that it has to offer

2. Leaving the city is the best thing to do

There is only one way to truly experience India, and that is by visiting small villages in the country, even though it may sound cliché

Basically, it is a way to get out of the sprawling and vastly overpopulated cities and back into the countryside. After clearing your head, say with a trip to the mountains or into the slower-moving land of Kerala in the south, you’ll be much better equipped to enjoy the famous hospitality of the Indian urbanites.

3. It is important to watch what you eat and drink

First-time travelers to India should know this tip! Your first trip to India is likely to leave you with a dodgy stomach. Although it is possible to avoid, there are ways to do so. You should stay away from salads and ice – these are often the causes of stomach upset. While you don’t necessarily have to eliminate street food completely, try to eat peeled fresh fruit and fried or boiled foods.

4. Respect your personal space but don’t overdo it

In India, personal space isn’t really a popular concept. In public transportation and in lifts, you will be squashed. You may feel intimidated by people’s seemingly intrusive personal questions. There are a lot of questions here, but they’re just polite curiosity on the part of the locals.

5. Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing

There is a certain modesty to India’s culture. It is simple to respect this by covering your arms and legs. In spite of the fact that Indians are forgiving of those who do not understand their customs, it is a good idea to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home in order to make a good impression. In sacred spaces, such as temples, this is particularly important. It is also recommended that you keep your shoulders covered at temples, and that dresses and shorts reach your knees. It’s also a sign to remove your own shoes if you see shoes outside a shop.

6. Keep an eye on your feet and hands

It is appropriate to swiftly apologize if you touch something with your feet in India, since feet are considered unclean. Likewise, eating with your left hand or passing objects with it is considered unpleasant (Indians wipe their left hands after using the toilet with their left hand). Watch what others do and imitate what they do if you are unsure of local customs.

7. It is important to remember that Indian time is relative

If you expect to wait five minutes, you may have to wait half an hour in India. It can take a lot longer to get around due to traffic and other interruptions. Traveling to India? Here’s one of our must-have tips. Be prepared for unexpected delays. Generally, government offices and shopping centers close for lunch in the afternoon, so try to run any errands or shopping trips in the morning. Thanks for reading want more articles and guides visit this site.

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