Top Korean Shoe Brands You Should Have In The Wardrobe

Korean-style women’s sports shoes are always fashionable and stylish as well as attract the attention of many young people. These sneakers are also popular because they are extremely easy to mix and match with many outfits. If you are a fan of Korean-style women’s sports shoes, check out the Korean shoe brands below and you will know what shoe brand is popular in Korea. Follow for more interesting information as well as get the trending coupon from famous retailers around the world. 

The most popular Korean-style women’s shoes

Authentic Korean sports shoes are indispensable in many girls’ wardrobes. Not only are they loved for trendy designs, some Korean shoe brands even offer their customers the best price with exclusive deals such as Buy One, Get One 50% Off. As sports shoes that bring a youthful and dynamic style, these styles of shoes are the most popular:

1st: Korean shoes with high collar

This is no longer strange to every stylish girl. Korean women’s sneakers with a variety of colors and designs not only make it easy to coordinate, but can also help you cheat your height because the sole is designed to be about 6cm high, which will help you to enhance your figure. 

2nd: Korean sneakers with padded soles

Korean sneakers with padded soles will help you be flexible in different fashion styles. With a luxurious design, these shoes catch the trend in the most flexible and trendy way. 

Korean shoe brands should be in your wardrobe

To make your outfit more stylish, Korean women’s sports shoes are not simply a good assistant in sports, it is also an accessory that creates an aesthetic. Let’s find out the best Korean shoe brand list for women (keep in mind that the order of brands below is random, not ranked): 

#1 Korean shoe brands: MLB

MLB is a brand specializing in manufacturing all kinds of clothes and sports shoes, originating in Korea. The brand is famous for its white sneakers with motifs taken from the pennants of famous baseball teams. The most famous product line of this brand is the Big Ball Chunky Collection. All MLB shoe designs are manufactured on advanced technology with extremely strict standards. The shoes are meticulously crafted with the sole made from natural rubber with a double-layer design and glued together with high-quality glue. The shoe body part is also made of high-quality leather, making it very sturdy yet soft. Patterns and colors are also the details that these shoes have scored in the hearts of many young girls. MLB Tends to use simple colors and make their products easy to match with any outfit.

#2 Korean shoe brands: Domba

Domba is also one famous Korean sports shoe brand. Their shoes have created a new trend in the shoe market. The shoes designed with simplicity and sophistication, very suitable for women to wear at any time. Although the design quite simple, it is not less sophisticated. Domba’s products are high-quality shoes suitable for many different outfits. The sole made of high-quality materials with extremely good traction and the body part of the shoe is made of premium leather with meticulous seams.

#3 Korean shoe brands: Fila

Fila is a Korean shoe company for fashion accessories. Fila sports shoes are extremely bold and powerful in design style. The sole made of pure natural rubber with bold deep cut grooves, increasing grip and creating a pit to help feet more firmly. The body of the shoe made of high-quality leather material, that’s why when you walk on them it will have very good elasticity. Fila shoes considered to have an extremely aggressive personality design, suitable for girls who love dynamism.

#4 Korean shoe brands: Converse Chuck 70s

The Converse Chuck 70s is a Korean-style high-top shoe, from the Converse brand originating in the US. The shoes that have attracted young people are probably the classic vintage style and its durability. Thanks to the thick fabric and good anti-slip rubber sole, you can move freely without hindering the fun. This is also the most popular Korean-style shoe. In case you are searching for a pair of Converse Chuck 70s shoes, here are Converse Coupon Codes for 50% Off on you should use to give the best appearance while don’t have to spend too much. 

#5 Korean shoe brands: Passo

The next among the top Korean shoe brands is Passo. This shoe brand always aimed at customers who love dynamism and freshness. Passo’s shoes offer a modern design that matches today’s style trends. The shoes made of high-quality synthetic leather and canvas materials, with a sturdy rubber sole, which is firm in every step. The shoes bring a simple, youthful design, not picky about clothes, but will stand out in the way of mixing.

#6 Korean shoe brands: Minsu Myjia

Minsu is a brand that always brings women the most fashionable and quality shoes. Minsu Myijia is a shoe from the Minsu brand that padded with a 5cm high sole to help you easily hack the extreme shape. The shoes designed to bring the style of bata shoes, bringing a difference with fresh, elegant colors to please the girls. Small-form shoes, with high soles, show off more personality. Their shoe collections known for beautiful designs with premium materials, helping users to be more confident when mixing and matching them with modern outfits down the street. These shoes are pretty reasonable, so they are suitable for students.

Tips with Korean shoe brands

If you are in love with the Korean sneakers brand above, you need to match the outfit with the right accessories to have the perfect look. Choosing a suitable pair is not so easy, because you should consider your choice with the appropriate object. For example, some of the brands named above cannot be used for hiking sand dunes, instead, you should choose real hiking shoes. Besides that, you should use discounts on shoes on to save the most when ordering your adorable shoes. Not only Korean shoe brands but we also offer exclusive deals on well-known shoe brands in the world, such as Finish Line, Puma, and Vans,…

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