Top 7 Big Industrial Cities to Visit in the UK

The UK is quite a  big country that will take you by surprise with numerous sights and plenty of attractions. The landscapes are marvellous and the cities can boast both fantastic architecture, cultural life, and stunning views, interwoven with the perfect vibes of city life. So if you are torn about what destinations to choose when you are travelling there for a short while, then you ought to consider one of the following big industrial cities. Plus if you opt for car hire in the UK, so you will surely fit more locations in one trip.


The capital of Great Britain is definitely on the bucket list of the majority of travellers, so you ought to give it a go. When you are there you should carefully consider the car hire prices, since there is a wonderfully diverse public transport infrastructure at your disposal. In this case, there are many extra charges for parking, and driving into the central area of the city. However, if you are keen on visiting all the sights, like Tower, Big Ben, and many others, then you ought to reconsider the costs against the benefits. Plus the culinary scene is exquisite and there are many stunning places to stroll around.


Manchester used to be one of the industrial capitals of the country, and it has grown into one of the top business and cultural centres. You can hire a car in Manchester and go on a drive to some of the top locations as well as to the surrounding area.  If you are a football fan, the renowned team Manchester United will be a huge lure for you. Moreover, for those into the cultural aspects of things, then the Whitworth Gallery will be a pleasant surprise for you. There are also many museums, including the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, National Football Museum, and People’s History Museum, all of which can boast some of the most marvellous exhibitions.

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Leeds is the city that can actually surprise you, especially if you give it a chance. Moreover, the architecture there is stunning and the views are awe-inspiring. Avis Manchester airport will be a great place to start since it will be really easy to get there and travel around to see the top attractions. Once in the city, you ought to visit the Civic Quarter, Leeds City Museum and Briggate. The latter is a stunning shopping district that can boast some of the most fantastic architecture and the boutiques will provide for some of the most amazing shopping experiences. 


This city is home to the Beatles and it used to be one of the most influential seaports in the country, but has lost most of its value due to its location. One of the docks in the city was pronounced part of the UNESCO World Heritage.  The dock area is actually a perfect starting point for your adventure since it can offer a variety of museums, like the Museum of Slavery, Maritime Museum, and certainly Liverpool Beatles Museum.


Glasgow city is one of the largest in Scotland. Once it was one of the biggest manufacturing and industrial centres in the city, and manufacturing together with shipbuilding, still remains one of the core industries there, together with the new developments in the science and financial sectors. The city has a long and prolific history and should be included in your itinerary. 

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The capital of Wales is often disregarded by tourists and people are usually attracted to the more popular cities. However, Cardiff can offer you something that the others can, it is not as overcrowded and can offer just as many historical wonders, and architectural beauties, plus the atmosphere of the city is fantastic.

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It is a smaller city that is located on the coast and it is one of the most influential seaports. Plymouth has a great history since it was the location where the Mayflower embarked on its journey.  The city has amazing views over the river and a quiet and charming atmosphere. Moreover, it is not as frequented by tourists as many others and thus could be more charming and peaceful.

Overall, the UK can offer you a lot in terms of attractions, views, and activities to try. Once you are here, you must make the most of your trip and visit as many of those locations as you can.

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