Top 5 blockchain projects with source code in 2022

Blockchain is not the digital ledger technology behind the functioning of cryptocurrencies. It is much beyond that. Blockchain is a technology that is formed by two words ‘Block’ and ‘Chain’. Here the history of crypto transactions is recorded via a chain of blocks. Here each person has their own copy of the blockchain in the network. It is unchangeable, meaning no further alterations is possible. Witnessing the growing use of blockchain, today we have come up with the top 10 blockchain projects with source code in 2022.

Just like we keep a notebook to register our important data, similarly, blockchain technology follows a similar concept in recording the transactions made in cryptocurrencies. This is a digital decentralized system where encrypting of all the data and transactions are done. Other than cryptocurrencies, even blockchain technology has grown rapidly with its importance being acknowledged by various sectors and companies for their business. And that brings the need for blockchain developers.

Merely looking out for the online courses and reading the documentation will not going to serve the complete purpose, you need to master it by bringing it into practice. And this is why we find it important to discuss some of the smart contract project ideas where you will get a chance to prove your blockchain developer skills.

For every project idea,

If you are a newcomer and want to grab knowledge of blockchain development, then the projects that are going to be listed in this article will prove as the best guide to help you learn. And if you aim to pursue your career as a blockchain developer, then this will again prove helpful in showcasing your development skills with knowledge.

it is very important to have a clear overview of the basic idea, including the knowledge needed for the project, features that need to be added, ways to build it, need for tools and technologies for creating it, what programming language one has to learn, are some of the elements that you need to consider upon.

Then why waste time, let us proceed with the list of blockchain project ideas below.

But before that, we would like to brief you on the two blockchain applications. One is Smart Contract and Interface. The front-end or the user interface is indeed important, as it helps the user to communicate with your application. But in the case of blockchain applications, one needs to put much emphasis on Smart contracts. These can be defined as those programs that include the business logic of applications operating on a blockchain. They are written in Solidity programming language.

Top 5 blockchain projects with source code in 2022


This is one of the blockchain projects for beginners. As the name suggests, it means the creation of a blockchain application where ethers can be sent to more than one Ethereum address. It is as similar to your usual email sending activity where you use the email address of another user. In this case, you have to use an Ethereum address for sending ethers. Users can use this application to send ethers to many Ethereum addresses.

Blockchain Wallet

Next comes the Blockchain Wallet. It is an advanced blockchain project idea. Several crypto users are looking for a solution for the management of their funds. And their search ends with the use of Blockchain wallets that can be used for holding the funds plus moving them to other wallets. Some of the best examples include Argent wallets, trusted wallets, and Coinbase wallets. The main use of these wallets is holding cryptocurrencies.

Hello, World!

Even though it does appear an easier idea, if you seem new to it, then you can learn so many things. This will make you learn the fundamentals of a blockchain project. Plus, you will know about declaring contracts, functions, Solidity file layouts, and other basic things.

Fake Product Identification System

Today, counterfeiting is not new to everyone. We all are familiar with the fact about the fake selling of products at affordable rates. And it is done by compromising the real quality. It even becomes challenging for original firms to spot the difference between fake and authenticated products. But what if they start preferring blockchain technology for detecting real items via adding of QR code at the time of manufacturing?

The product’s QR code will be connected to a blockchain. This will help in storing the details of the product and its generated QR code as blocks in the database. Now it becomes easier for the users to scan the QR code via their smartphones through which they will come to know about the reality of the product, on whether it is fake or real.

Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM)

Coming on next is Digital Asset Marketplace. Many people are holding digital assets but need a place to practice purchasing and selling them. And this is when the need for digital asset marketplaces or DAM comes in. They facilitate their users with a full framework. In other words, DAM comes as a reliable middleman between digital asset investors and issuers.


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