Top 5 Amazing Cultural Events in Colorado

Colorado is an incredible center of numerous festivals, which are held annually in this district and to which all Americans gather. The peak season of various cultural spectacles falls in winter. It is at this time of the year that you will be able to see the largest festivals not only in Colorado, but also in all of America.

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Boulder Creek Festival

Every year in the middle of May, in a young town called Boulder, in the state of Colorado, a festival is held, which is one of the brightest in this state. During the week, the citizens of the town of Boulder set up tents, mobs and buy bright costumes. Everything takes place on Pearl Street, which during the festival is blocked by policemen for traffic. A real street food festival takes place here, where you can taste food from almost all countries of the world: from fish & chips to fried cockroaches! Do not delay and come.

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Aspen Music Festival

Every year from June to July, a music festival is held in the popular resort town of Aspen. During this period, you will be able to listen to music of completely different genres. Instead, jazz music is popular here. Just imagine, more than 900 musicians from all over the world take part in this concert! To get to a music concert, you can go to one of Aspen’s three central music venues.

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Telluride Film Festival

This festival is one of the most symbolic for American cinema and is usually held in the fall on Labor Day. Filmmakers and locals come together in the town of Telluride to watch movies of different genres together. On this day, everyone will have fun, because films are shown in the open air and until late at night. It gives an air of charm and magic while watching.

Great American Beer Festival

Colorado is the main center for beer production. Many types of beer for every taste are made here. Every year, a 3-day beer festival is held here. Just imagine, people don’t even go to work on this day to rest and taste this drink all these days.

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Fat Tire Bike Week

The longest-running festival of all of these is Fat Tire Bike Week. It is one of the most famous festivals in America, which is dedicated to cycling and all its fans. It takes place in Crested Butte County, where there are many roads that pass through the mountains and are designed specifically for cyclists.

Here, for a whole week, from morning to evening, there are races in which anyone can take part. Along with the races, you can also find a street food festival and a beer festival hosted annually by Colorado’s most famous brewery.


In this article, we analyzed the top 5 cultural festivals that are very popular among Americans and tourists. All of them are different and relate to different aspects. It’s about music, food, and even sports! We hope that this article was useful for you and that you will definitely visit one of these festivals in the future. But plan your trip in advance to enjoy it to the fullest.


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