Things You Need To Know About A Tower Crane

Who has not seen a tower crane on the construction site? It is hard to miss this giant heavy equipment to notice. This incredible piece of equipment is unique in its way. It helps the construction workers in hauling the heaviest load to the height one cannot imagine manually reaching. Tower cranes are the common type of crane. We know that construction projects are quite incomplete without the use of a crane. Hence, heavy equipment manufacturers design different types of cranes with unique features in them. The advance and improved features are likely to fit different construction projects. All the different models of cranes are specific in lifting a certain amount of weight to a certain height.

In this article, we have discussed the things you need to know about a tower crane. It is to help you know more in detail about this incredible type of crane so that you can better choose the machine for your next construction project. 

What are tower cranes?

Among all the available construction cranes for sale, the tower crane is the tallest and most powerful crane. Like a normal crane, it has common parts such as hoist rope, boom, and sheaves to move the objects. Further, it is capable to lift loads to 80 meters in height and around 18 metric tons of loads. You can easily lift the piles of steel, wood, and other solid stuff to the highest point of the building. All large and tall construction projects may require a tower crane to lift and haul the objects. 

Parts of a Tower Crane

The working principle of a tower crane is similar to the normal crane. However, you need to know about its parts so that you can understand it pretty well.

  • Concrete Pad

A concrete pad in a crane is likely to support the large bolts. The base of a crane should be strong enough to support the whole heavy equipment. All these bolts are to secure the base so that the crane gets stability and does not trip over during hauling a weight.

  • Mast

The base is then carrying a mast. The mast is also known as the tower which is the main and most important part of a crane. It helps in hauling the object as high as it can. The mast or tower must be secure enough to carry the heaviest load into the air. Tripping and falling off can be very dangerous for the people working on the construction site.

  • Slewing Unit

This part helps the tower or mast to move in all directions. It has a large ring, gear, and a motor. On this slewing unit, the crane rotates and the operator can easily command it to perform the job.

  • Jib

An extended arm, popping out from the crane is a jib. It is joined with the slewing unit and is commonly known as a boom. 

  • Arm

In the opposite direction of a jib, another limb is popping out. This structure is a machinery arm and is comparatively shorter than the jib. It is to keep the boom balanced while lifting the load. 

  • Cab

A cab or operator’s cab is the compartment that enables a driver to safely operate the crane. A cab is equipped with the necessary features to help the driver in operating the crane.


The construction crane has become a major part of the construction industry. You cannot even imagine carrying the age project without their help. The tower crane is one of the best cranes among all the available construction cranes for sale. You can haul the heaviest load of 18 metric tons up to 80 meters above the ground. In this article, you may know about the arts and functions of a tower crane in detail.

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