The Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping with a Plush Toy

Plush toys come in many shapes, sizes and colors, but they all have one thing in common: they make the best sleeping companions around. Not only can these huggable little friends help calm you down and ease stress, but there are several ways that they can actually improve your health! Here are just some of the great benefits of owning a plush toy (or two or three) to snuggle up with each night.

What Are They?

Kawaii translates to cute in English, and kawaii merchandise has become increasingly popular in recent years. Kawaii shops sell cute items such as keychains, stationary, toys and more. For example, many Kawaii shops sell adorable plush toys that resemble animals. These toys are soft and huggable, but they also have health benefits! Many experts believe that sleeping with a plush toy can help you sleep better at night. These cuddly companions are often used by adults as comfort objects or security blankets. While it may seem like an odd habit, there are plenty of reasons why you should start snuggling up to your favorite stuffed animal tonight!

Who Needs Them?

People who love cute things! A kawaii store is a place where you can find all kinds of cute merchandise, from clothing and home goods to plushies and stationary. You can visit these stores in person or shop online. Depending on where you live, there are probably several local kawaii shops nearby—or check out Etsy to find handmade pieces by talented artists. Most importantly, some of your favorite brands might have their own kawaii lines (think Sanrio, who has Hello Kitty). So what do you need your plush toy for? We’ll tell you how it helps your health.

How Do I Get One?

What was once considered to be only a Japanese phenomenon is now sweeping across America. So, how do you get one? Kawaii plush toys and kawaii merchandise can be found in almost every major city and they’re especially prevalent in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They tend to be stocked alongside Hello Kitty products and cat-shaped pillows at trendy boutiques like Tokyu Hands or chains like ABC-Mart. Many stores will also have their own sections just for plush toys, usually near the toy section or children’s area. The most popular shops for cute items are: Kitson, Bergdorf Goodman, and CB2 & Urban Outfitters (in California). While online shopping is an option; it’s more fun to try out different stores if possible!

The Negative Side

Most people do not believe that sleeping with a plush toy can have any beneficial effects on your health. You will most likely hear that it’s pointless and only meant for children to snuggle. However, one study shows that kawaii plush can greatly improve your mental health while offering surprising benefits. Let’s explore what these are!

Kawaii plush Toys make you happy! One of their main features is they love everyone! They don’t care how old you are or if you like anime or Pokemon. All they want is your love and affection and in return they will offer you comfort as well as happiness for years to come. It makes you feel safe, protected, secure and just plain awesome all at once. This amazing phenomenon gives us major insight into how our brain works when we use something to help us sleep peacefully. makes you feel safe, protected, secure and just plain awesome all at once.Sleep experts agree that using something like a stuffed animal actually affects your subconscious mind by making yourself feel more relaxed; thus increasing REM sleep which allows people in stage 4 of sleep (and remember REM sleep is where we dream). The end result?

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