The Case for Reinventing Yourself on Instagram Likes

No matter how well you market your brand on Instagram and get likes on Instagram, the fact is that brands tend to stagnate over time. If your branding on Instagram has stagnated, you’re likely to see dipping engagement rates. In such a scenario, you should work towards brand revitalization, so your engagement rates increase again. But how do you go about doing it? click here

In this article, we’re going to provide you with all the relevant answers to this question. So, if you’re considering Instagram account reinvention, read on.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research

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1. Make changes to your bio and profile picture

Instagram doesn’t offer a whole lot of space for business profiles in their bio sections. However, just because there isn’t a lot of space to work within your bio section doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Remember, when an Instagram user visits your account for the very first time, the bio is one of the first things that the user will see. So, if your business’s bio has been the same for a long time, it’s time to make some changes to it. get more likes on instagram

Along with your bio section, you should also focus on your profile picture. If your business is undergoing a large-scale branding overhaul, it probably will have a new and improved logo as well. You should upload a picture of this logo as your profile picture. This will let your Instagram followers know that you are changing Instagram branding and they can look forward to a lot of new things in the days ahead.

2. Delete previous posts that don’t align with your rebranding objectives

Certain posts that you may have shared with your followers in the past may not be relevant to your brand anymore. It’s vital that you go back to those posts and manually delete them one by one. Of course, this isn’t mandatory. However, if you truly want to rebrand on Instagram, you’ve got to put in the work to do it.

If you choose to let older, irrelevant posts are, your new followers may be confused and wonder as to what your brand truly stands for. The last thing you’d want during your Instagram rebranding is for your audience to have any confusion regarding your brand identity.

3. Follow the right accounts for proper image building

Most brands tend to focus so much on their own Instagram followers that they forget whom they are following. You might think that it doesn’t matter, but the fact is that it does. A lot of rebranding is about image-building, and how your target audience perceives you often boils down to the accounts you follow.

Ideally, you should follow accounts that belong to brands and influencers that are operating in your niche or are at least related to your niche. Also, ensure that you’re not following accounts that post offensive content. If you do, unfollow them immediately as they may significantly damage the reputation of your brand.

4. Make the most of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most potent marketing features that Instagram has to offer, and it can come in handy when you’re reinventing yourself on the platform. Through Instagram Stories, you can let people know in real-time that your brand is going through a major overhaul. This will allow them to know what to expect from you.

Sure, whether or not you use the feature is completely up to you. However, the fact is that Instagram Stories posts tend to have much bigger impacts compared to regular feed posts.


So, if you want more engagement in the form of Instagram likes and Instagram comments, it’s time to reinvent yourself. Also, if you want to give your Instagram account a boost during the rebranding phase, why not try TurboMedia? TurboMedia is a software tool that’s perfect for increasing Instagram views. You can also get free Instagram likes and free Instagram followers through TurboMedia.

  • How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Instagram Aesthetic?
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  • How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Instagram Aesthetic?

A great Instagram aesthetic involves the right use of colors in the context of your brand. Different brands have achieved Instagram success by developing unique color palettes, and you can do the same. If you want to know how you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can choose the right colors for your Instagram aesthetic. We’ll focus on various important aspects such as color psychology and how it can affect brand recognition. So, read on.

1. Before anything else, focus on incorporating the colors of your brand

Irrespective of what the colors of your brand are, you must use them as the dominant colors across your Instagram account. This will facilitate brand cognition, which is something that comes way before recognition. Focusing on incorporating your brand’s colors will make sure that Instagram users remember your brand. After all, you have to first be on the minds of your target audience before there’s any chance of them buying from you, right?

2. Know about various color palettes and what they can help your brand achieve on Instagram

There’s a wide variety of color palettes that function based on color theory and psychology. You should incorporate one or more of these palettes based on what you want your brand to achieve on Instagram. Here are a few examples of commonly-used color palettes:

Analogous: An analogous color palette refers to colors whose color wheel positions are close to each other. For instance, pink, orange, and red are considered analogous colors. Analogous color palettes are considered incredibly effective in building brand awareness.

Monochromatic: Monochromatic color palettes consist of numerous shades of one color. For brands associated with single colors, these color palettes facilitate the development of consistency. how to get more likes on instagram

Triadic: Triadic color palettes involve the use of 3 equidistant colors on the color wheel. If you want your branding to be aggressive and playful, using a triadic color palette is a great option. However, if you’re looking for a more sober aesthetic, it would be best to steer clear of triadic color palettes.

Complementary: If you want your aesthetic to look innovative and feel communicative, a complementary color palette would work wonders. Typically, these color palettes involve bold pairings that offer a stark contrast. For instance, the combination of coral and navy blue is a great example of a complementary color palette.

Neutral and neutral plus: These color palettes consist of earthy and natural colors, and you can achieve contrast through the use of such palettes by pairing a neutral color with a non-neutral color. For brands that operate sustainably, these palettes make for amazing choices.

3. Post images that work well with your color palette choices

Now that you’ve incorporated your brand’s signature colors and also your preferred color palette, it’s time to turn your attention toward the images you post. Quite simply, if the images don’t work well with your other colors, your feed will still look inconsistent and incoherent to your Instagram followers. So, always stick to the imagery that complements your feed’s overall vibe and aesthetic.

Even if you want to post an image that’s conflicting with your feed’s colors, why not apply a filter? Instagram offers users a diverse array of filters that you can make the most of to optimize an image based on your account’s existing color schemes.


Once you’ve perfected your Instagram aesthetic, you can expect more Instagram views to come your way, along with increased Instagram comments and Instagram likes. Last but not the least, we’d like to recommend TurboMedia, a software tool for brands to get free Instagram likes and free Instagram followers.

Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

In recent years, Instagram has added a variety of content-sharing features for its users. Instagram Stories is one of those features. Stories posts on Instagram are temporary posts, which are similar to how the Snaps feature works in Snapchat. A user’s Instagram Stories post lasts for 24 hours, following which it disappears automatically. Brands have leveraged the Instagram Stories feature to their advantage since its launch, and you can, as well. To know how, read on, as we take you through some unique ways to make the most of the feature. how to increase more likes on instagram

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research

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1. Conduct polls by using poll stickers

You can use Instagram Stories to conduct polls, which offer great ways to make your audience engage with your posts. Apart from encouraging your audience to engage, polls also help in understanding what your audience wants from you. Even a simple yes or no question can work wonders. Instagram offers users a variety of poll stickers that can be used to craft engaging Stories polls.

2. Share news about your brand’s latest developments

Whenever there’s any development in your business that you want your Instagram audience to know about, you can share it through Instagram Stories posts. While these posts may not result in increased sales, they can certainly keep your audience in the loop regarding what’s going on behind the scenes. Alongside information about your brand’s latest developments, you can also share news about giveaways and discounts through Instagram Stories.

3. Use chat stickers for hosting chats

Instagram offers chat stickers to users, and brands can use them in their Stories posts for hosting chats with up to 32 users. This is how it works – once your Stories post with chat stickers goes live, audience members that want to engage will send you a request to participate. All you have to do is approve the request. Once you do, the approved users will be able to chat with you using the stickers on the Stories post.

4. Get unique answers from your audience through the use of question stickers

Along with poll and chat stickers, you can also leverage question stickers. The biggest benefit of using question stickers is that you can get unique answers from your audience. Create custom questions with the stickers and get custom answers from your audience in return. So, if you have any brand-related questions to ask, question stickers are the way to go.

5. Do a live Stories video

Active followers receive notifications whenever you do a live Stories video, which can be incredibly effective at increasing engagement. So, when your Instagram traffic is at its peak, it’s a good idea to record and upload a live Stories post. Such posts tend to grab the attention of Instagram users quicker than other posts, so make the most of them.

6. Create branded stories

Instagram allows you to create branded stories, i.e., Stories posts that work like advertisements. All you need to do is to invest some money and use Facebook’s Ads Manager to promote the branded Stories posts. You can also add hashtags (up to 10) per branded Stories post, which will allow your posts to be discovered by Instagram users on the platform’s Explore tab.


So, these were a few unique ways to use Instagram Stories to your advantage. Before we end this article, we’d like to tell you about TurboMedia. If you want free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes to boost your presence on Instagram, look no further than TurboMedia. get more likes on instagram

It’s the perfect solution for new brands and aspiring influencers on Instagram that provides them with a solid foundation to build on. TurboMedia offers unparalleled safety as well, as it only provides authentic likes, followers, and views and eliminates the risk of being shadowbanned.

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