The Best Websites Every Content Creator Needs to Know

When you’re working as a content creator, you should know the best websites to use. These websites can help you create beautiful visual content. They offer free and premium templates that are easy to use. They can help you create everything from social media images to proposals. Depending on the template you choose, you can edit the images and add text to them.

Exploding Topics

Exploding topics are a fantastic tool for content creators who want to find hot topics that are trending on the web. The system collects information about popular searches on the Internet and then compiles a list of these topics that are likely to go viral. Then, you can optimize your content for these topics for more info on trending news.

Exploding topics are great for clickbait because they are usually the first touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. They are also excellent for SEO because of their evergreen value. They are also an excellent way to increase virality of your content.

If you’re a content creator, you need to know about Talkytimes. The website offers a platform for content creators and monetization is offered to content creators. Users can also make donations to content creators. The community is incredibly supportive.


Ceros is an interactive digital content creation platform that makes it easy for users to design engaging content with no coding knowledge. It provides users with templates, examples, and training. Users maintain total creative control, and the platform also helps them make their content searchable and engaging for their audience.

Ceros has a range of templates, ranging from a blank canvas to customizable templates. Users can add interactive elements like animations with a simple drag and drop interface. Creativity is an essential part of content marketing. It enables brands and businesses to build brand authority and engage with their customers.

Envato Market

If you are a content creator and are looking for a way to make some money, you should consider joining Envato Market. This website offers a variety of services, such as 24/7 buyer support and fraud protection. You can also use their downloadable templates to create your own content.

The site offers hundreds of thousands of design assets, which can be downloaded easily. You can also find fonts, music, sound effects, and 3D elements. You can even download a free trial version of a file to test it out and see if it meets your needs.

Facebook Audience Insights

Using Facebook Audience Insights can help you figure out how many people are interested in your content. You can also see what topics they’re talking about. For example, if you write about travel, you can see how many travelers are interested in a destination. You can also learn which countries have the most followers on Facebook.

When you’re creating a marketing plan, it’s crucial to know your audience. These insights will help you create relevant content for your audience. If you’re aiming to reach a wide audience, you’ll need to keep your posts relevant to those people. By using Facebook Audience Insights, you can learn about your audience’s preferences and tailor your messages to meet their needs.


CANVA is a web application that enables you to create graphics using your computer and a variety of online tools. You can add text and images to your images and use them as templates for your social media posts, emails, and more. This web app also allows you to create team folders and assign roles for your team members. Using Canva is easy and intuitive.


The Canva platform also allows you to upload photos and use them to create designs. You can either make your own designs or select from their thousands of templates. You can use images from websites like Pixabay and Pexels. You can use these images directly in your posts or use them for marketing purposes. Canva also has a feature-rich design interface that lets you add, remove, or edit elements as desired. It also has templates for videos and resumes.

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