The Basics of Logo Designing Explained for Beginners

For a brand, the logo is its representative. Its purpose is quite simple. It is to help people identify your brand or business. Any line of work is required to make some visual communication with its targeted audience. A customized logo design is a unique part of your brand. It bears the ability to portray your brand’s message and values to the audience. Not having a logo can confuse your audience between your brand and others. The name of a brand might be difficult to remember but a good logo is not easily forgotten.

With the increasing importance of a logo, the ways to design them have also increased. Do it yourself or ask a professional firm to do it for you. Certain people find it tough to design a logo themselves. To provide them with good logo designs, many firms offer to create logo designs for respected firms, according to the given requirements. Business logo design Australia stands among them.

Why Is a Logo Important?

There might be a minor thought in the back of your mind saying a logo is not even that important. Do not pay much attention to it because the logo stands as important for a brand as its name. Continue reading to know how a logo can drastically affect your start-up.

It Grabs Attention:

Nowadays, customers have very short attention spans. You might not even have a minute to grab all your customer’s attention. However, a logo can draw all your customer’s concentration.

A good logo strives to make a strong first impression. It holds the capability to convey a brand’s core values within a few seconds.

Acts as a Foundation Identity for Your Brand:

Efficient branding is more about storytelling. A story that purely reflects your brand and influences your customer’s emotions. A good story will always allow your customers to have a reason to visit your brand again and again.

Thus, the logo acts as a reflector of your story. The theme, colors, fonts, images, etcetera all together help create a good story that is ultimately reflecting your brand and its mission.

It Separates You From Your Competition:

Around you, there surely will be other businesses in the same field as yours. Your logo will be the distinguisher between them and your brand. It will portray your company’s uniqueness to your customers.

A professionally designed logo communicates everything from a company’s background to its core mission. Hence proving to your clients that you are better than your competitors.

Expectations Of Clients:

When it comes to communication, customers always look for a logo. They expect it to have a brief outlook of your brand. It has to be at the front and center of all your promotional materials, such as business cards.

If you lack a logo, you are missing out on creating a phenomenal first impression and communicating with your customers at the first glance.

Shows Brand Loyalty:

When your business starts flourishing, more people will see your logo. As you now know, a logo reflects its brand partially. Thus, it will also reflect your brand’s loyalty. For a company to prosper, trust is a must thing. It is usually based on a professionally designed logo.

Determination of your audience should be your utmost priority. Once the clients start trusting your brand, they will not hesitate to visit you often. Your logo will always remain to be the first thing they notice about your brand.

How to Design a Logo?

You should now be able to recognize the value of a logo in a brand. However, a logo represents a company. Thus, it should be able to match the standards of the company. It might not be as easy of a task to design the perfect logo for your firm. To help you with that, we have listed a few free tips to help you make a good logo

Know The Difference

Working in a specific field decreases the chances of differences between your firm and its competitor. But there must be something that will make your firm stand out. Work on finding that difference. Think hard and find a few reasons why a customer should pick your brand.

Do Some Doodling

Gather a few ideas about how you would want your logo to be. Try to draw a primary outlook, and do some rough sketching. Try not to stick to a single idea for your logo. Keep improvising it whenever you feel like it. Choose your preferred one.


We have heard this quote all our lives, “simplicity is the best policy”. This quote applies to the process of logo designing too. Keep your logo as simple as possible. Reconsider the fact that it is supposed to act as a mode of communication between your company and its client. Try to keep it as simple as possible so that the client gets your company’s message effortlessly.

Choosing Colour Shades

Colors can absolutely change the look of your logo, thus, choose wisely. If you are finding difficulty selecting an ideal color shade for your logo design, try searching about it on the internet. Search about color psychology too. It might help you choose a good color for your company’s logo.

Select Fonts According to the Personality of Your Brand

When it comes to designing unique logos, fonts can act as a game changers. Choose the perfect font for your logo. Do not stick to one typeface. Experiment and explore different typefaces and select the one that enhances the look of your logo.

Make it Look Good in the Colourless Version

It is one of the most important considerations for logo designers. Your logo might look breathtaking in a colored theme, but is it reflecting your brand equally and beautifully in a black-and-white theme as well? You might not need the black and white theme for your logo on a business card, but you will surely need it when your logo is published in a newspaper. Try to give your logo an aesthetically equal tone in colorless and colorful versions.

Make It Memorable

When you have designed your logo, you should find it memorable. Customers these days will visit many other brands simultaneously. They might not have a remarkable memory to keep lots of logos in their minds. But your logo should be simple and phenomenally memorable for them. Thus whenever they see your logo, they will remember your brand effortlessly.

Keep Improvising It

Trends and beauty standards are changing rapidly these days. If you feel like your logo is too old-fashioned for recent beauty standards, try improvising it. Try not to change its look completely. Try to make a few changes so that it can meet the beauty standards and reflect your previous logo simultaneously.


The importance of a logo cannot be compensated at any cost, thus, logo designers should strictly follow the basics used for logo creation. This will help them design something unique and easily memorable. It would be a brownie point for your firm if the logo matches the aesthetic standards and be simple at the same time. An ideal logo will never fail to communicate the brand’s message to its customer. Take your time and keep in mind that your logo will represent your firm, thus, don’t rush the process.

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