Smoking Glass Pipes You Buy from a Canada Head Shop Online

There are plenty of ways for marijuana enthusiasts to prepare for smoking in the evening. Joints and blunts are some of the common ways to smoke weed. In addition, there are other methods to smoke and enjoy marijuana. For instance, glass pipes you may buy from a Canada head shop online are one of your options to smoke cannabis. Smoking marijuana with glass pipes is also advantageous in various ways. Pipes, for example, are relatively quick and easy to set up to smoke cannabis, unlike joints. In addition, you can also control the amount of weed you would like to smoke with a glass pipe. 

Nonetheless, you need to know beforehand what you will need to smoke cannabis with a glass pipe. Then, you may follow the steps to enjoy smoking cannabis with a glass pipe.

What Do You Need to Smoke Weed via a Glass Pipe?

There are certain things you will need to smoke weed via a glass pipe. The following are your essentials to smoke cannabis with the aid of a glass pipe:

  1. Glass pipe that you can buy from a head shop in different colours and designs
  2. Piece of marijuana or cannabis flower
  3. A lighter or a match to light your bowl of weed
  4. A weed grinder to easily grind the flower you choose to smoke

Step by Step Guide to Smoke Cannabis via a Glass Pipe 

Here is the step by step guide to smoking cannabis via a glass pipe:

Step 1: Grind Your Flower

You should make sure you grind your flower before you begin smoking with a glass pipe. It will make it easier for you to smoke and enjoy the cannabis flower you choose to smoke. You can grind weed with a weed grinder and even with your fingers. You should make sure your grind it into small pieces so that you can easily fill them into the bowl of your pipe.

Step 2: Add Cannabis

Once you are done with grinding marijuana, you will need to pack weed properly in the bowl of your pipe. Properly packing weed means it shouldn’t come out of the bowl of your pipe. In addition, make sure you don’t pack the bowl too tightly. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to heat it up and let the smoke pass through.

Step 3: Light the Bowl

The third step to smoke marijuana from a pipe you may buy from a Canada head shop online is to light its bowl. You will notice your flower burning and producing smoke very soon once you light the bowl. Moreover, carefully handle the bowl without applying too much heat to it. Or else it will become difficult for you to handle. If you apply too much heat, just in case, hold your pipe through the stem that averts burns.

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Carb If Available

Most glass pipes have small holes on the side of their bowls, known as carbs. If you have a carb in your weed pipe, you can control the airflow while breathing in via the mouthpiece. It is important that you cover the carb while you inhale. Further, release it at the end of your hit to get rid of the smoke from a pipe. 

Step 5: Smoke and Enjoy

Enjoy smoking cannabis while placing the mouthpiece on your lips. Then, take a deep breath through your lungs and keep an eye on the marijuana you are smoking. Once cannabis cools down, you will need to light your bowl again to keep smoking your marijuana.

These are steps you need to follow to enjoy smoking cannabis via a pipe.

Clean Your Pipe

It is also important that you clean your glass pipe once you finish smoking cannabis via it. Make sure you thoroughly clean the bowl, mouthpiece, and chamber of your glass pipe. Don’t let the residue stay in your pipe to avoid facing trouble when the next time you smoke weed via a pipe. If your glass pipe has a screen, make sure you get rid of any leaves or ash from it. Properly cleaning and taking care of your pipe will ensure your pipe lasts longer, and you will have a pleasant experience with marijuana the next time you smoke.


There are plenty of ways to smoke cannabis if you are a marijuana enthusiast. Glass pipes that you may buy from a Canada head shop online are advantageous to use to smoke cannabis. Further, there are certain steps you need to follow to smoke cannabis via glass pipes. Here they are:

  1. Grind Your Flower
  2. Add Cannabis
  3. Light the Bowl
  4. Don’t Forget the Carb If Available
  5. Smoke and Enjoy

It is also essential that you clean your glass pipe regularly to ensure your pipe lasts longer and enjoy smoking cannabis with the best experience with it every time. 

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