What Are The Recent Logo Design Trends In 2023

We all know how the world is changing. And now a new generation is going to take control. In this whole situation, the main thing is trends. Trends are something that never remains the same. If we talk about logo design trends, they change from time to time. Back then, people liked logos that were steady and static. But now that things are modern, everybody wants some animation. 

We asked many designers what trend they think will rule in 2022. And we got many surprising answers as well. We are here to suggest that you push the creative boundaries of your thinking. Either you are a designer or hiring professional logo design services because the trends are changing pretty quickly. According to new trends, a logo no longer seems attractive until its dynamic.

Logo Designs That Will Take Over In 2022

The creation of a logo, which serves to present your product to potential customers, marks the beginning of a new era in design. In a variety of ways, well-thought-out, current visual representation can benefit your brand. These trends will largely assist you in creating an outstanding logo. Let’s get this topic started. 


Gradients aren’t new this year; they’ve been making a comeback for quite some time and aren’t going away anytime soon. This trend has persisted in all areas of digital design, from website backgrounds to overlays and, of course, logos.

A gradient is a design element that occurs when colors gradually fade into one another. Gradients can be monochromatic or many colors or shades blending. A good gradient design must appear cohesive and fluid regardless of the colors used. Using gradients in your logo can add depth and dimension. And is the polar opposite of flat logo design (which is still trendy this year, too).

Examples of gradient logos are some of the most famous platforms. For instance, Instagram, Messenger, Tinder, Firefox, etc.


Typeface logos will never go out of style, and we will see typographic logos emerging in 2022.

We can see text and graphics working together harmoniously in such logos. These logos are created in such a way that text and graphics stand in for one another; they represent one another. The graphic has no meaning unless it is accompanied by text that is in sync with it. Everything is showing up in logos and branding, whether it’s a high-contrast serif typeface or a sleek script font.

Furthermore, letterform and wordmark logos made entirely of text execute the brand’s clear and accurate purpose. While simplified logos work in almost every industry, making them consistent in logo design trends in 2022. The typeface you choose for your logo will be a virtual representation of your brand. So make an informed decision.


The animated logo trend is already gaining traction, with both large and small businesses jumping on board to create more dynamic versions of their logo. Why has this effect become so popular? Animation is a storytelling tool that provides a unique opportunity to add context and life to an otherwise static design. It also allows for complete originality, which can give your brand a creative advantage over competitors.

Because the complexity of animation can range from simple moves to an entire video, think about your overall business goals. Moreover, how an animated logo asset can fit into your brand strategy. Take your target audience into account as well.

Authenticity is essential for capitalizing on this logo trend in 2022. Maintain your brand identity in the forefront of your mind to ensure that your animated logo speaks the same language as your other branding assets. Subtlety is an art form. And there is a fine line between what is creative and engaging and what is distracting and irritating.


Retro culture has seen a revival almost everywhere. Moreover, retro themes in design have rebounded relatively. Whether it’s neon colors from the early 1980s or a rubber hose animation. We’re seeing more stuff with a personal touch; customization.

2022 design trends bring back memories by remembering the essence of branding and presenting a logo that clearly justifies the brand’s purpose. If you believe that using dated style in your logos will benefit your brand, consider using classic serif fonts in conjunction with unique logo shapes.

Black & White

Black and white, or B&W, is a color combination that empowers viewers to rule their minds. The combination of these two colors will not go out of style soon. However, while 2022 design trends have happily embraced complementary color schemes. Black and white have retained their charm until now.

What better way to see the magic of black and white logos than with the brand’s own logo: Apple?

Black and white design trend give aesthetics to your logo. The B&W version of the logo brings out a brand identity in the best possible way.

Hand Drawn or Sketches

A hand-drawn logo, like your signature, is a one-of-a-kind inscription that allows for more creative freedom and, as a result, accurately expresses your brand personality. Hand-drawn elements add a personal touch to your logo, making it more approachable and accessible to those who interact with it.

In 2022, we see beauty in flaws, and hand-drawn detail allows a sense of authenticity to shine through. Hand-drawn elements can sometimes appear raw and organic, almost intentionally messy, to convey a sense of authenticity. Their delicacy and fluidity, on the other hand, can really elevate a logo design.

Layering The Elements

Layered logos are a visual treat. Layering is a design technique in which one element is placed in the foreground. In contrast, other elements are placed in the background. It gives the logo depth and magnificence while remaining connected to your brand’s core.

Designers have been experimenting with geometric forms, color blends, and fonts to create masterpieces. We already see the rise of layered logos in 2022. Layered letter logos, new counters, and transparent effects are also being seen. On the other hand, layered logos necessitate mindfulness while being created; avoid cluttering and play with elements carefully, checking thickness, texture, and colors. Consideration of such minor details can result in relative changes to your logo.

3D Logos

If something serves instant visual appeal, it has to be 3D logos. 3D logos are popular because they have the ability to accomplish more with less. The use of beveled layouts with subtle gradience and blurriness, as well as wise color combinations, can significantly alter your brand image. It has a direct impact on user attention and improves your online presence.

However, the resurgence of this trend does not apply to every brand category. Before rebranding, ensure it is consistent with your brand identity.

Final Words

So here we go! After an excruciatingly long discussion about logo design trends! We’ve learned that the world of logo design lacks one thing: boundaries! You’re good to go as long as your design expresses your company’s unique selling point.

Retro themes or monochromatic color schemes; blurred logos or a rough sketch; all of these give your logo a new lease on life and have been widely adopted in 2022. We’d like to know what differences you’ve noticed in terms of design in 2022!

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