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Quanum 360 Quest EHR Software And Its Features

Quanum 360 Quest EHR software is a comprehensive EHR software that includes features to help providers meet their patients’ healthcare needs. These features include customizable interfaces, multi-system interoperability, and cost. Let’s examine its features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Informational Tool

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software suite provides a comprehensive set of analytics, clinical, and population health tools. Its tools enable hospitals, health systems, and payers to better understand patient data, identify gaps in care, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Its data analytics tools provide real-time, point-of-care analytics.

The system is capable of performing quality care and patient engagement. It also provides cost savings for patients compared to other health care providers. Its multi-system interoperability connects primary care practices with hospitals and third-party systems throughout the United States, while its security measures protect sensitive patient data.

Quanum 360 Quest EHR software provides physicians with an efficient, streamlined way to manage patient information. It includes features for lab and referral management, patient education, patient portal, electronic billing, electronic prescribing, and more. The software is certified for use by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and is geared toward physicians who are looking to streamline their practices.

Quanum EHR software is an ONC-certified 2015 Edition EHR. The company’s Quanum EHR services are based on an algorithmic matching algorithm to link patient data and charts. The matching algorithm relies on accurate patient demographic data to determine which data is needed.

Quanum 360 Quest EHR software is cloud-based and supports medical practices of all sizes. It is compatible with several specialties, and its licensing prices start at $55 per license. The cloud-based software system is compatible with most medical practices, and it offers customizable features for any size practice. It is rated 3.4 on ITQlick. The software is ONC-ATCB-certified.

Quanum 360 Quest EHR software is available to users worldwide. The company provides online and on-site training for users. Using the software is easy with Quanum’s easy-to-use interface. It is designed for medical practitioners but is not intended to replace licensed medical professionals. If you have questions about the software, contact the company’s customer support team.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software features a comprehensive set of tools that allow providers to streamline their business and improve patient outcomes. Its features include e-prescribing, appointment management, and a patient portal. It is also compliant with HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements. It is compatible with all kinds of OS and can be locally or cloud-hosted.

Multi-System Interoperability

The Quanum EHR, formerly Care360, is an ONC-certified cloud-based EHR software that helps small-to-medium practices enhance patient care, quality, productivity, and patient outcomes. Its key features include clinical messaging, electronic lab management, and multi-system interoperability. It also supports mobile access across PCs and secure data exchange.

Quanum360 EHR is a web-based electronic health record solution that is cost-effective and has integrated features for appointment handling, billing, and revenue cycle management. It also provides access to Quest Diagnostics’ network of more than 470,000 clinicians in over 140,000 locations. Its patient portal supports electronic prescribing and provides patient education and care management.

Care360 EHR is a robust EHR system that can be used by small clinics, multi-specialty facilities, and large medical institutions. Its integrated features help increase efficiency and streamline workflows, improve patient safety, reduce error rates, and meet Meaningful Use requirements. It also includes features such as voice recognition and appointment email reminders. It deploys on-premise or as a SaaS option.

Quanum 360 Quest EHR is available for both Windows and Mac computers. The software supports the EHR standards of the Joint Commission and ONC. It also supports EHR interoperability with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

It designs for small-to-medium-size practices and ambulatory care facilities. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and use. Features include daily planning, streamlining workflows, monitoring appointments, ordering lab tests, and managing treatments.

Quality Care

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software has several unique features. First, it integrates patient information from third-party data sources, including insurance and payment information. Second, it links patient data and charts using a matching algorithm. Third, it offers a wide range of support and training services.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software has strong security features, including 128-bit encryption. This helps protect sensitive data during transmission over the Internet. The software protects itself against malware. As a result, users should avoid using public or shared workstations to access their EHR. Its pricing is same as Valant EHR pricing. Finally, the Quanum 360 Quest EHR software has features to enhance the efficiency of a medical practice, including Practice Management solutions.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR features web-based health record management and provides clinical quality benchmarking and real-time scorecards. In addition, it supports electronic billing, care planning, patient education, and lab management. This EHR designs is user-friendly and customizable. It also supports multi-system interoperability and a physician dashboard.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software is fully certified and allows physicians and staff to document every aspect of a patient’s health. It supports the collection of patient information, including lab history, and provides a Clinical Decision Support tool to help physicians make informed decisions. Furthermore, the Quanum 360 Quest EHR software is mobile-compatible and is fully compliant with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulatory standards.

It integrates with Laboratory Information Systems to streamline the delivery of electronic lab results. It also has a mobile app, making it easier for doctors to stay connected with their patients.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software has an extensive range of customizable features and functionalities. Some of the most notable features include customizable SOAP note templates, lab integration, and electronic prescribing. The system also offers clinical documentation and scheduling tools.

The Quanum 360 Quest EHR software offers robust communication and task management capabilities. It allows physicians and staff to communicate with patients by sending email-like messages and connects all communications with the client’s chart. Other features include data diagnostics, and the ability to track and share patients’ health information.


If you are a healthcare professional looking to improve patient care, you may be wondering how much Quanum 360 Quest EHR software costs. This software is designs to allow healthcare providers to create and update patient records on a single platform. While Quanum EHR is free for users, some features may be subject to additional fees.

In addition to its EHR functionality, Quanum EHR also offers practice management tools. These tools can help healthcare professionals streamline revenue cycle processes, improve patient engagement, and connect all aspects of patient care.

The Quanum360 EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record solution that includes advanced features like real-time scorecards and clinical quality benchmarking. It also supports electronic billing and connects over 470,000 healthcare providers in more than 140,000 locations worldwide. Other features include patient portals, lab management, scheduling, billing, task management, and patient education.

Quanum EHR also has clinical analytics, population health, and test utilization tools. Its data analysis tools enable health care providers to track patient utilization and evaluate gaps in care, and they can help ACOs determine the effectiveness of clinical protocols. These tools also help physicians to chart and renew prescriptions around the clock, which is important for patients. In addition to the clinical analysis features, Quanum also includes the ability to use Quest lab data in a broader context.

It provides a mobile interface that makes it easy for doctors and other health care providers to stay connected with patients. It also integrates with laboratory information systems, so they can send electronic lab results to patients.


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