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Complextime360 is a blog site that focuses on sharing information related to business, lifestyle, trending news, digital marketing, and technology and so on. We provide high quality content to our readers.

The privacy policy of our site is better than many of other sites. The protection of your information is our duty and we do it very well. Our privacy policy includes all the details about how we collect and use your information. Every time you visit our site this privacy policy would be applied. When you visit our site all the information shared by you would be kept safe and used for only useful purposes.

Privacy Policy

Consent of information:

When you reach and read at our site you are giving us consent to get your information and accepting the rules and regulations of our site.

Collection of information:

You are giving access to your information for some reason and before sharing it you would be notified of the cause of it.

The information that we will get when you visit our site includes your name, contact number, email address and some other attachments. And if you want to register yourself on our site to be part of it then you will have some information on your own. Through third parties we can also collect some of your information.

Use of information:

We don’t collect information for unwanted purposes. Your data will be saved at our site and it is for your benefits. The use of your information includes:

        The information that we have collected from you is helpful to keep you updated from all new and recent content on our site via sending emails.

        Our services would be easily available to you.

        It can keep you safe from deceitful actions.

        On your suggestions we can improve the areas that would need to.

        You can get the third party ads of your interest.

Cookies and third parties:

Cookies keep the record of visitors’ past activities and update him about the future information. Third parties have connections with some of the sites. But our site is safe from such parties. If you get connected with them then carefully give your information to them because we don’t have any link with them. You can turn off cookie settings from settings to keep your data saved.

Contact us:

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at

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