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Meditouch EMR Software and Its Features You Should Know

Meditouch EMR software is an EHR and patient portal that can be customized to fit the needs of your practice. This customizable EHR is preloaded with specialty-specific content. It also allows patients to fill out chief complaint forms online through their patient portal. Another great feature is MediDraw, which enables you to annotate patient photos.

Integrated Patient Portals

Meditouch EMR software offers integrated patient portals as part of its EHR solution. This solution allows physicians to access clinical data from their mobile devices. Its integrated EHR, practice management, and claims clearinghouse modules have already been adopted by thousands of physicians. It has also achieved NCQA Stage 2 certification and is certified for Meaningful Use, a program that encourages healthcare providers to use health information technology to improve patient health.

The use of patient portals is an excellent way to enhance patient experience and improve patient satisfaction. It allows physicians to track compliance and reduce costs. Besides, it improves information accuracy and helps reduce duplication. As a result, it also cuts down the time spent on patient records.

A top-rated Patient Portal EMR software includes features that enable patients to request appointments. The software should also offer live appointment scheduling. This feature will automatically update the Practice Management schedule when a patient requests an appointment. Another important feature to look for is a module that allows patients to request prescription refills.

Patient portals can improve the efficiency of medical offices by enabling better communication between doctors and patients. They can also save time when signing up new clients. Patients can fill out personal information electronically, which means less paperwork and errors in patient files. In addition, patient portals can help increase patient satisfaction and retention in a clinic.

Meditouch EMR software can also integrate patient portals for added patient convenience. A patient portal allows patients to send messages directly to their physicians and review test results. This allows doctors to schedule appointments in real-time and treat more patients each day. These features also help physicians reduce no-shows.

MediTouch EMR software is designed to allow physicians to access patient records anytime, anywhere. In addition, patients can view their health history, ask questions, and request medication refills. This feature increases patient engagement and guarantees patient satisfaction with care plans. With these features, MediTouch EMR software is the perfect solution for doctors who run small medical practices. Its pricing starts at $299 per provider/month and includes online training.

MediTouch EHR is one of the few EHRs that integrates patient portals and practice management. It also allows physicians to access clinical data on their smartphones and tablets, saving valuable time for both them and their staff. The MediTouch EHR is currently used by thousands of physicians. It has even been certified as a Meaningful Use Stage 2 EHR.


Meditouch EMR software has an extensive array of configuration options. It allows you to create unique workflows that suit your practice. Its next-generation software includes everything a hospital or clinic needs, from ePrescribe capability to patient portals. Moreover, its business intelligence tools help you identify health patterns and improve patient outcomes. Moreover, it has built-in navigation capabilities that let you manage multiple billing accounts.

Meditouch EHR software includes charting functionality, medication management, allergy checks, order management, lab tests, and billing and document management. It can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with a practice management system such as HealthFusion. Moreover, it is certified to meet the meaningful use requirements of the ARRA stimulus funds.

The project’s scope included providing configuration guidance for key EHR modules that are commonly used by clinicians in hospital settings. It was designed for clinical informatics and information technology professionals and assumed that the system meets meaningful use and regulatory requirements. The tool is a new instrument and no such detailed checklist has been developed before.

Configurability of Meditouch EMR software is a crucial feature for any healthcare organization. This feature allows you to customize the system to fit your organization’s unique needs and requirements. It enables you to save time and money while improving patient care and the revenue cycle. You can also get help from experts in the software. This way, you’ll be able to get the right features for your practice’s needs.

In addition to providing EMR software, Meditouch also offers practice management solutions. Its ECLIPSE practice management solution provides electronic claims management, customizable documentation, and patient scheduling. In addition, it is also compatible with RISs and other enterprise-level systems. With these features, Meditouch EMR software is a cost-effective and flexible medical management solution.


While MediTouch EMR software is inexpensive for small practices, it is not cheap for large healthcare organizations. A monthly subscription for this software starts at $500 for a small practice, and it can cost up to $1,000 per month for a midsize practice. Large healthcare organizations, on the other hand, can pay upwards of $100,000 for this software.

There are many factors to consider when deciding how much Meditouch EMR software will cost your practice. The cost of this software will vary depending on your needs, whether you need a single program or an entire practice management system. For example, the basic package costs $379 a month, while the full EHR/PM 400 package costs $499 per provider. Meditouch is compatible with most billing systems, including MediTech and Cerner.

MediTouch EMR software can help you chart patients and make medical records available anytime, anywhere. It includes pre-made templates for charts and reports and is integrated with the Surescripts ePrescribing network. The software also has a system for tracking medications and history of illness.

MediTouch EHR software is web-based and is compatible with any internet-connected device, including mobile phones and tablets. It allows you to update patient information, administer medications remotely, take clinical photographs, and check daily schedules from anywhere. It also features a premium tool called NextGen mobile plus dictation that has speech-to-text technology and makes medical records accessible in seconds.

Unlike most EMR software systems, MediTouch EHR software requires an online connection and a web browser. It can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This software can be deployed as a stand-alone EHR or as part of a practice management system such as HealthFusion.

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re looking for medical EMR software that is HIPAA compliant and designed for Nurse Practitioners, Meditouch is a good option. The software works on any PC or laptop and provides advanced features to improve Nurse Practitioner workflow. It also offers HIPAA compliance tools that provide proof of access, update, and more. Healthcare information management can be complicated and time-consuming, but Meditouch EMR software can help.

Another feature that will improve your workflow and efficiency is MediTouch’s integrated billing suite. This suite will streamline billing and practice management processes, helping you focus on patient care. MediTouch EMR also supports integration with patient portals. Many healthcare practices are looking for this type of software today to increase their profitability.

While the current EMR standards are lax, vendors are spending millions of dollars on settlements for false claims made on meaningful use. Despite these costs, the regulations are expected to become more transparent in the future. However, current EMR standards can be dangerous for patients, especially if there is a lack of communication between physicians and medical billing coders.

If you are looking for EMR software that is HIPAA compliant and backed by a reliable company, MediTouch is an excellent option. With the latest cloud technology and the most advanced EHR platform, MediTouch can help you improve your patient care without compromising your overhead budget.

MediTouch EHR software features include charting functionality, medication management, electronic prescribing, allergy checks, order management, lab tests, and billing. This all-in-one EHR is also fully integrated with other HealthFusion solutions. It can also be used anywhere with an internet connection, which is another major benefit of MediTouch EHR.


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