Interesting Facts About Driving in the USA

United States people are known as a drivers’ nation. Riding on countless American highways is a pleasurable thing, many foreigners are eager to get in a car and ride against the wind on an adventure. Whether you are among them, or just curious about unusual laws drivers in the USA must stick to, read below!

1. One may get a driving license under 18

The minimum age actually differs according to state. In some of them(Alaska, Michigan), one is allowed to get the learner’s permit at 14, while in others one must be 21 years old to get a full driver’s license(Indiana). But generally, you can get it in your 18, 17, or even 16. 

A learner’s permit allows you to drive a vehicle when you’re accompanied by a holder of a valid driver’s license, who must sit near you. Notice, that with such a type of permission you are not allowed to drive on public roads. Indeed, after obtaining a full license, you aren’t restricted in that way anymore.

Notice, that some rental companies mainly charge an additional fee if the main driver is under 25. So you may avoid it by indicating a person over 25 as the main driver. 

By the way, did you know that the Alamo car rental CVG policy offers USA car rentals for young drivers for a fair affordable price?

2. Foreign licenses are valid

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In most occasions, your driver’s license from another country stays valid for a period of time, determined by the agreement reached between your home country and the United States. When the changeover period comes to the end, you must exchange your one for the US one.

Even if you don’t use this kind of document (which is strange, but still), it’s used there as additional proof of your identity. It’s especially helpful in cases of ID card or passport loss.

3. Importance of keeping your number plate clean

…if you don’t want to be fined. Either you don’t like to wash your car or accidentally didn’t pay much attention to your plate’s purity, the police, in fact, don’t care much about the reason. So be aware of that. Furthermore, according to the highway rules, lights, indicators, and number plates must be kept clean and clear to make it easy to notice and read. 

Keeping up with maintenance can be a challenging task during the cold seasons when the weather is severe. But just remember that you may face a fine of up to £1,000. If you’re lucky, you might be limited to getting an on-the-spot £100 penalty. 

4. Do not splash pedestrians!

Finally, the prayers of all people splashed with water because of cars were answered! Now, after such an accident a driver will be followed not only by the swearing of a “happy” pedestrian but a quite huge fine as well. Splashing pedestrians is forbidden under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act of 1988 because it amounts to driving without due concern for others.

If such trouble already happened, but generally your driving style is ok, you may count on approximately £100 fine and bigger. But in other cases, when your driving manner is described as turbulent, egoistic, and unqualified, be ready to waste a large sum of money…

5. No phone talks in a car

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Although talking on the phone seems much safer than texting, it has been found that it has its own risks. Considering the reasearch of the National Safety Council (NSC), the risk of cognitive distractions increases greatly, which can lead to ignoring traffic signals, following other vehicles too closely, and thus, getting into an accident. 

Apparently, the same talk with a passenger in a car carries the same dangers. Remember, that you must not pick up the phonewhen the engine is running. Also, the law applies to paying with your phone at a drive-through. It’s better to always have cash in that situations

Renting a car can’t save you from all the irritants, but, probably, you’ll be more attentive when the automobile isn’t yours. Alamo rent a car service has a wide variety to choose from: SUVs, minivans, pickups, etc.

6. Weirdo laws in different states

For dessert, we prepared you a list of strange, somewhat hilarious laws. Enjoy!

  • In California, you’d rather not be behind the curve, because you may get a penalty, for driving too slow;
  • Don’t be surprised to meet a camel on Nevada’s highway, it’s completely legal there;
  • You’re in Hawaii, and you hate seatbelts? Ride in the back of a pickup untethered – it is absolutely allowed;
  • If in Pennsylvania some horse doesn’t like your automobile, you are obliged to ride away from an animal, to do not scare or harm it;
  • Going to Illinois? Then, get rid of your favorite air freshener or hanging devices. It’s forbidden to ride with it there;
  • Be quiet in Kansas and do not act out! If someone hears your tires screeching, you’ll be fined;
  • Hunting? Or, maybe, you just pick up that poor beaver you shot down? It’s totally acceptable in West Virginia;

Were you shocked, or rather had fun? Thank you for reading, stay safe!

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