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How To Properly Clean A Toilet- Here Is Guidance

It can be very tedious to clean a toilet. Although it’s not difficult, it’s possible to make mistakes. There is an exact way to clean a bathroom. The right method will ensure that there are no bacteria or viruses growing there. You will get superior results and save time and money by using the right cleaning methods.


Here are some instructions-

Get Supplies and Prepare The Area

Begin by clearing out everything around the toilet. Cleaning a toilet can be messy and you might end up with cleaner or water outside the toilet. To prevent additional clean up, remove all items that are not necessary from the tank lid. To prevent items from falling into the bowl, make sure you remove any material that is on top of your tank.

Clean The Inside of The Toilet Bowl

Start cleaning the bowl starting at the top. Always scrub the underside of the rim first. To remove all stains and grime, look under the rim. Next, clean the bowl using the best toilet brush. The lid should be removed. You can clean porcelain bowls with baking soda, Rust-Away, or commercial products like Lime-Away. To dissolve any remaining stains, some people recommend pouring a canful of cola into the toilet bowl. You should flush the toilet before you tackle rust stains. The chemicals in general-purpose cleaners may react with rust-cleaning products. After scrubbing, you should also flush the bowl with its lid down. Simply pour half a cup of bleach into your toilet bowl, scrape it with your toilet brush to get it into the bowl and under the rim, and wait five minutes before flushing it all away.

Clean The Toilet Seat

It is important to never neglect the toilet seat. It is the most important part of the toilet and should be thoroughly cleaned. Spray the inside lid and seat with bathroom cleaner to raise the toilet seat. Clean the lid, seat, and hinges of the toilet seat. Some toilets come with hinges that can pop open for easier cleaning. To remove any chemicals or bleach traces from the seat surface, wipe it with a damp cloth and clean water. According to Tetro, your bathroom is the ideal bacterial host; E. coli may be discovered in the sink and within six feet of the toilet. Disinfect the toilet, sink, and bathtub at least once a week, more frequently if you take frequent showers, to keep it at bay.

Cleanse and Add a Cleaning Solution

Before you begin any work, put on rubber gloves. To prevent spraying or splashing, flush the toilet with the lid closed. To prevent your cleanser from diluting, you can add powdered, liquid, or gel cleanser to the bowl.

Clean The Exterior of The Toilet

After the cleaning solution has been absorbed into the bowl, flush it out and clean the toilet exterior with a strong enough disinfectant. To prevent drips on surfaces already clean, start at the top. Spray the tank, handle and tank edges with a spray and wipe them down. Next, clean the outside of the toilet. The final step is to wipe down the outside of the toilet bowl. Before you clean the bottom of the toilet, start with the sides and the front. It’s a great time to mop up the floor around the toilet. If you are tired do cleaning your toilet and want to get rid of this so you should go for the best smart toilet. this is the best way to this problem.

Ensure The Surrounding Area is Clean.

Clean up any water or cleanser drips, then put away any tools or trash. Finally, replace any items that were removed from the toilet.

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