How to Install and Starting Using MT4 on MAC OS

Online retail forex traders frequently use the electronic trading platform MetaTrader 4, usually referred to as MT4. The platform is made available to clients by the forex brokers who are granted licenses to use the program. Know more MultiBank Group Continues to be the Largest and Most Regulated Broker

The platform was created by MetaQuotes, a brokerage software provider with headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. FX Charts, which were introduced the same year that MetaQuotes was founded, were the company’s first offering.

Five versions of trading platforms have been released by MetaQuotes since it was founded. The company’s fourth generation trading platform, MetaTrader 4, was released in 2005. It swiftly established itself as the global standard for FX trading platforms.

How to Download MT4 on MAC OS

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We’ll go through how to download MetaTrader 4 for Mac users in this article. Depending on the Mac OS version you have installed, there are two possible processes.

  1. Downloading and Installing MetaTrader 4 on a Mac Using the Pre-Catalina OS

Navigate to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) download page on the Admirals website using your web browser.

  • You will be asked to enter your full name, email address, and phone number after clicking the “Download” button.
  • Once entered, an automatic download will begin; once the download is complete, launch the installer.
  • Drag the icon into your application folder.
  • Follow the installation instructions; your Mac might ask for your permission before MT4 downloads.
  • After the download is finished, MetaTrader 4 for Mac should launch and be prepared to use with a real or practice trading account!
  1. Downloading and Installing MetaTrader 4 on a Mac using Catalina

Apple has made it impossible to run 32-bit software with the newest version of Mac OS, Catalina. Numerous programs have been impacted by this, including the MetaTrader trading platforms, which aren’t compatible with the Catalina OS for now.

You can use Parallels Desktop, a program, to run a virtual machine on your Mac. By simulating a computer, a virtual machine enables you to run another operating system, like Windows, which effectively functions as a different computer on the host machine.

If you match the eligibility requirements, which we will go over later, you will receive three months of Parallels Pro for free as a customer of Admiral Markets.

MetaTrader 4 can be used with Parallels by installing either Windows 10 or OS X Mojave

By using Windows, you may use any other Windows-based software straight on your Mac, not just MetaTrader 4! But in order to adhere to the Windows License Terms as a Mac user, you will have to buy a license.

If you possess one, you can use a virtual machine to run a different Mac OS on your Mac. Please be aware that this is governed by the applicable OS terms and conditions, which you must read to assure your complete compliance.

  1. Install Parallels on your Mac

From the Parallels website, you must then download Parallels for Mac. Open the file after the download is complete, then follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Installing a virtual machine is required once you have downloaded Parallels for Mac and supplied your license key. Depending on whether you choose to use Windows 10 or Mac OS Mojave, the installation will be different at this point.

Windows 10 installation with Parallels

The installation process is really simple if you want to use Windows 10! This screen, which allows you to install a virtual machine, will appear. Simply click the “Get Windows 10 from Microsoft” icon located on the left.

You will be given the option to purchase Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store on the next screen. If you already have a license key, you can download Windows 10 and use your license key to activate it once it has finished downloading.

Like when you initially turn on a new computer, you can be asked some setup questions while the installation is taking place. Depending on the capability of your Mac, the procedure could take a while.

The end is here! Open the internet browser once the virtual machine has been established, then follow the instructions to download MetaTrader 4 for Windows!

Using Parallels, install Mac OS Mojave

Unfortunately, using Parallels makes installing Mojave a little more challenging. Similar to Windows 10, it cannot be downloaded straight via Parallels. Do not fear, though; we will guide you through each step!

Visit this page on the Apple website to download Mojave, where you will be asked to give permission to access your App Store. Please be aware that without this link, Mojave won’t be available on the App store.

To start your download, click “GET.” Click “Download” when prompted to confirm your desire to download Mac OS Mojave. Don’t panic; it will download the Installer application rather than automatically reinstall Mojave on your computer.

Due to the size of the file, the download may take some time. Mojave shouldn’t be able to start running automatically after it has finished downloading. In that case, all you have to do is end the installer.

Go to Parallels right away and start a brand-new virtual machine.

To install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file, select the middle icon. As seen here, Parallels ought should be able to locate the Mojave installation automatically.

If Parallels is unable to locate it automatically, choose “Choose Manually” and then “Select a file” on the following screen.

Your Applications folder will include the Mojave installation. If “All files” is not chosen from the drop-down menu, as shown below, you will not be able to choose the installation.

Once chosen, click Proceed. To use the file to create a virtual computer, Parallels must first transform it into a disk image. After conversion, Parallels will ask you to give the virtual machine a name before starting the installation.

As you would when turning on a brand-new computer, you will be guided through a number of setup options. Depending on your Mac’s capabilities, this process could take a while.

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