How to do a good IELTS writing assignment

This skill in everyday life and at work, sooner or later you will meet it. Essay writing is a mandatory part of all international English language exams, such as IELTS, and sometimes even a job interview stage.

Do not rely on intuition – in an English exam essay, you may not be forgiven for unstructuredness, the lack of appropriate vocabulary, and especially spilling “water”, that is, the abuse of extra words to increase the volume of text.

Before you prepare for writing IELTS, take into account our tips and remember: an essay in English is a simple task, which, however, should be done carefully and efficiently.

In other words, don’t start your next paragraph (paragraph) without reading the previous one. Take care of the coherence of the text and the logic of presentation. Try to read everything written aloud, become your imaginary reader. Is everything clear? Are there any questions to the author’s logic?

Don’t be too smart, be clear – choose the best ideas

A popular mistake of those who write an essay in English for the first time is to try to say everything at once. The exam text primarily tests your knowledge of the language, and not the general level of intelligence. Therefore, choose one or two of the most clearly and understandable statements and write about them in detail, this is just an essay, not a monograph.

Write about understandable, choose the topic that you know best

Don’t rack your brains over a complex and confusing essay topic – again, international English exams don’t measure your IQ. The ideal option is to write about something well-known, widespread throughout the world, but at the same time reveal personal experience, avoiding generalizations and narrowing the topic.

Examples speak louder than explanations

If you feel that you are confused in your own words, trying to uncover the essence of the chosen problem, refuse to explain. In this case, precise examples, life situations or quotes that confirm your point of view will be valuable.

Don’t write too much

The examination essay does not have an officially limited volume; however, experts do not advise writing a text in which more than 350 words.

First, the examiner allocates the same amount of time for each written work. This means that an essay of 400 words will be read less carefully than 300.

Secondly, the more you write, the more likely there are to be errors.

Third, lengthy text increases your chances of drifting off topic, and what is off topic is not on the examiner either. And if you write less, you give yourself more time to choose the most accurate words, as well as more time to self-check.

Control your common mistakes

Each person knows most of his strengths and weaknesses. During the self-test, remember what words you could have made a mistake in, whether there were any problems with punctuation, and the like. Look for your typical mistakes before submitting your essay – there is a chance that the examiner will not find them this way.

Present a complete text before you start writing it

Of course, in the process of creating an essay, this may change or be supplemented. However, the backbone of the text should be remembered in the process of writing. This will make it harder for you to get too far off topic.

The first sentence of each paragraph is the most important

An essay in English requires compliance with the structure. Remember that there are three main essay genres – For & Against (For and against), Points to consider (problem – solution), Opinion (special point of view). Each of these genres has its own specifics, but there are general requirements for the structure.

You should start with an introduction in which you characterize the problem, provide general information about the issue, without expressing your point of view. In the main part, you should concentrate on your position on the stated problem, not forgetting about examples, quotations, facts. In the final part, you need to draw a conclusion from everything written above.

An indicator of a student’s literacy is the use of so-called linking words in an essay, words that make the text coherent, and also immediately refer to the selected type of essay.

Practice writing essays in chunks

Each element of the essay structure has its own characteristics, both stylistic, lexical and grammatical. It is worth learning to write a separate introduction, separate conclusions, separate paragraphs-paragraphs. And only then take on a coherent and coherent text.

Be mindful of the question you are answering in your essay

Each written sentence should be related to your idea, answering the main question that you undertook to reveal in the text. If this sentence or even a paragraph, taken out of context, is far from this idea, feel free to cross it out and write further.

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