How Can Workday Consulting Help You Build a Thriving Career?

The modules of HR that are taught traditionally are created for carrying out the functions that are HR related in organizations. They are generic and are not developed to provide complete HR solutions. The organizations are required to purchase these specific distinctive modules from various vendors & required to sync those for carrying out a particular HR errand. 

The particular procedure for integrating the modules seems quite troublesome, and several disadvantages are noticed while doing the same. For instance, the frameworks that are acquired from different vendors are likely to change from time to time. However, in the present times, most organizations are employing solitary solutions for performing functions related to HR. 

Workday HCM is one of the solutions that is being widely adopted. This is also known as the ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning, which can be very effectively used by the organization for maintaining the records of the employees and dealing with all the necessary information of every individual working in the organization. 

Workday HRM offers many useful applications in several areas of managing human capital, financial management, automation of professional services, planning, and student management.

This can be a robust solution for onboarding, recruiting, development, learning, compensation benchmarking, time off benefits, payroll, and analytics. This is user-friendly software of a global system that offers the users all the latest versions with several updated features and competencies both on a browser and a mobile platform. 

Workday Consulting 

Workday consultants help businesses in making the optimal usage of the technology investment done by them. They provide:

  • The required support and annual roadmap.
  • Advisory.
  • Packaged solutions.
  • Occasionally implementation of certain new modules.

Irrespective of the size of the project, they conduct everything required to help the clients’ work faster, smarter, and collaboratively. 

Some of the best talents work in the ecosystem of Workday. Workday Consulting can lead you to pursue some thriving careers. 

The workday consultants undergo both formal as well as on-job Workday training. There is no limit to building your knowledge revolving around Workday, with several opportunities to specialize in different modules and experience variety & exposure throughout the system. With unlimited growth potential, your career would surely thrive as a professional Workday expert. 

Workday Consulting Roles 

There are openings for individuals who have undergone Workday Training and have varied degrees of knowledge across disciplines and modules of Workday. You have the opportunity of learning new modules and, at the same time, provide advisory support in your areas of expertise.

The engagements usually begin at the pre-implementation stage and continue post-go-live with several ongoing projects for clients of all sizes and across different business sectors. 

Some of the prominent careers that you can pursue after undergoing Workday Training are as follows: 

  • Post-Production Services in Workday 

This is one of the most evolving career arenas after pursuing Workday Training. One can specifically opt for AMS, i.e., Application Management Services and Post-Production. Several clients employ consultants as extensions of their teams, and they provide long-term value all across the scope of the Workday applications.

By choosing this career, you can work with some of the dedicated client portfolios of different sizes and across diverse industries. There are no silos here, and you can learn the modules that interest you. The goal is to help others and make an impact and build a strong relationship with the clients and their respective businesses. 

  • Workday Advisory Services 

The ones offering Workday Advisory Services contribute to the production environment’s overall quality by bringing the workday implementation expertise to the client team.

They provide advice during the design sessions, develop & execute test scenarios and validate data to provide insights that help the clients make informed decisions. When you pursue this career, you will holistically advise the clients on leveraging Workday to optimize their financial management and human capital strategies. 

  • Workday Project Management 

You will have an opportunity to engage yourself with large and ongoing client projects and oversee several other smaller projects that require PM support and all the things. All you need is a proven track record for managing resources, building internal tools & delivering on the deployments for optimizing the PM strategies. 

  • Workday Manager

A Workday Manager has distinct roles, which include scrutinizing the direct reports and accordingly initiating the compensation changes, viewing the timesheets, going through the job requisitions, assessing position candidates & reviewing & approving the timesheets and time off. 

  • Workday Analyst 

A Workday Analyst is responsible for performing research & analysis on the solutions for meeting the requirement of the business and delivering on the recurring day-to-day administrative activities. 

Why is it necessary to opt for Workday training and get a certification? 

Many organizations are widely utilizing the Workday HCM for carrying out the operations of finance and human resources easily and smoothly. Technology for human resources has grown to be a vast field for many companies.

Thus, it will be very beneficial if you opt to learn & practice the features of Workday HCM for carrying out various finance and HR functionalities. Adopting Workday makes it possible to develop efficiencies across different departments of the organization. This enables people to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Some of the prime benefits of opting for Workday Training are as follows: 

  • Workday Human Capital Management offers a flexible database. This offers a prominent adaptability for setting up a procedure of business. 
  • This is easier in integrating Workday Human Capital Management with several other systems compared to the other existing HR systems. 
  • The Workday HCM utilizes software as a Service (SaaS) and software updates are delivered from time to time. 
  • The executives, managers, and administrators are given the option to access all the information related to the regular personnel items, for instance, the earning statements and their leave balances. 
  • Workday Human Capital Management very well streamlines and schematizes the academic staff’s organized entry for confirming the right track. 
  • The team at Workday perpetually introduces several new HR & payroll features from time to time, with a minimum of two times every year. 
  • The growing Workday community delivers all the information to the existing customers for rightly performing all the work.

Where can you learn all the modules released by Workday and build a thriving career?

ERP Cloud Training is the only institution that teaches all the modules released by Workday and helps you in building a thriving career. 

Some of the major modules taught in the Workday training are:

  • Workday HCM – The major modules that are taught in Workday HCM are Workday Core HCM, Workday Time Tracking, Workday Payroll, Workday Advanced Compensation, Workday Absence, Workday Recruiting, Workday Learning, Workday Benefits, Workday Performance and Talent. 
  • Workday Finance – The modules that are usually taught in Workday Finance are Core Finance, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, Assets, Expenses, Cash/Treasury, Budgets, Contracts etc. 
  • Workday Technical – The modules that are included and taught in Workday Technical are Workday Reports, Workday Studio, Workday Integrations, Workday BIRT, Workday Integrations, Workday Prism Analytics, Workday Extend etc. 
  • Cross Application – This primarily consists of modules like Workday Adaptive Planning and Workday Security. 

What are the job descriptions and most common job titles you can pursue in Workday Consulting?

As a workday consultant, you can choose any of the following career paths: 

  1. Functional Workday Consultant – A functional consultant bridges the gap between Workday & the respective client for some precise and timely delivery. They provide the necessary recommendations for setting up the system and analyzing the design, documenting and testing the system configuration for the existing processes & reports. Also, they require to identify & communicate the probable risks, resource needs and issues to the internal & external stakeholders. As a functional consultant, you can get job roles like Administrator, System Analyst, Principal Consultant, Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Configurator, ERP Consultant etc. 
  2. Technical Workday Consultant – A technical Workday consultant works in gathering the requirements, creating the design, considering the alternatives of designs and facilitating discussions. The concerned professional is responsible for developing, configuring, testing and deploying Workda for meeting the business requirements. The job titles in this category may be Developer, Tech Lead, Prism Analytics, Integration flavors, Reports flavors etc. 
  3. Miscellaneous Workday Consultant – A Miscellaneous Workday Consultant may be offered job titles like Manager, Analyst, Data Conversion, Change Manager, Release Manager, Training Lead, Project Manager etc. 


If you choose to be a Workday consultant, you necessarily need to select your stream as per your aspiration and then take the Workday Training to learn all the modules thoroughly.  Due to Workday’s different features, this is very easy to learn and implement. Thus, the professionals willing to build a career in the field of HR, finance or Technical field can get trained & certified in using Workday.

This is undoubtedly helpful for a large number of professionals who are looking forward to enriching their career paths in this field. The average annual pay of a Workday consultant is 150 to 450 USD/hour for contract jobs and 150-300K per annum for full-time jobs. The right approach for interested professionals is to opt for Workday Training to understand Workday and boost their careers thoroughly. 

It’s essential to choose the right platform to start your Workday career. ERP Cloud Training is the perfect platform for launching your career in Workday. The training provides comprehensive knowledge on all Workday modules with innovative and practical solutions offered by Mary, the expert trainer of the institute.

The course comes with spectacular bonuses that serve as a great stepping stone for success in the world of Workday. The course is the foundation for placement that leads to free job support and certification. Enroll now to jumpstart your career!

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