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Celebrities and their luxury lifestyle have made people go crazy. They love to get the latest information about their favorite stars. There is a fact that people love to follow the person whom they love and adore. You might know Hopie Carlson if not then I am going to share all the details about her. As you know people love to get knowledge about celebrities and their love isn’t limited to them. They love to know each detail about their kids too. So let’s find details about one of the most talked about celebrity kids.

Who is Hopie Carlson?

Tucker Carlson is a well-known personality and Hopie Carlson is famous for being his daughter. Tucker made his name by working as a host and he was also a political commentator. Hopie was born in Virginia In 1999 which means she is a 22 years old girl. She is the third child of Tucker and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Hopie Carlson education:

Tucker Carlson’s Daughter spent most of her childhood in her birthplace, Virginia. She got admission to Rhode Island St.Georges Schools. Hopie Carlson was intelligent and used to score good grades. It is said that she was a senior prefect in her high school. After that, she took admitted to Virginia University. Along with their studies, she was good in extracurricular activities. Hopie was very good at swimming and she also participated in the breaststroke event.

Hopie’s physical appearance:

As her father was famous and rich she had amazing childhood filled with all luxuries. Hopie Carlson has been very pretty since childhood and if we talk about her height then she has a very pretty height of 5 feet and 9 inches. Her weight is just 57 kg as she loves sports. She is fit and healthy. Athletes stay active when they practice different sports.


Tucker Carlson’s Daughter has 3 siblings and she is the third one. Her siblings’ names are Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson. The elder sibling is 26 years old, the second one is 24 years old and Hopie herself is 22 years old and the youngest one is 19 years old. If we talk about Tucker then he has taught his siblings all ethics and they are allowed to behave in the most grounded way after being children of a famous host. Hopie shares a very interesting bond with her siblings and all are well educated. Nowadays all of them live in Washington DC.

Hopie and her parents:

Tucker is very concerned about her daughter and her personal life. He doesn’t want her daughters to date any random guy. Tucker has set some rules for his daughter’s boyfriends. In one place he mentioned that he doesn’t want them to be feminists. So he is very strict about these things and doesn’t allow his daughters to date any person. Her mother’s name is Susan Andrews and she got married to Tucker back in 1991. She has a very cool relationship with Hopie.

Is Hopie dating anyone?

Back in the days a piece of information was spread on the internet that Hopie is married to a woman but this is definitely a lame excuse. Right now she is really devoted to her studies and working hard to make her parents proud. And yes Hopie Carlson will date the person who will be accepted by her parents.


People are very concerned to know what she does for a living so let me tell you that at the moment she is focused on her studies. Hopie has not chosen any profession till now but for sure she will follow in her father’s footprints and choose journalism. As she is not into any profession she is dependent on her dad. She is living a luxurious life as her father is very rich with a net worth of approximately 30 million dollars.


In this article, we have talked about Hopie Carlson who got hype due to her famous father. Her life is interesting and if someone has a crush on her then He should be motivated to focus on his studies.

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