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Health Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil

The love of their lives and poetry have long been praising the virtues of roses however, this flower is more than an appealing assortment of beautiful petals.

According to studies, the oil extracted from the rose plant offers numerous potential advantages. Although the majority of research has been limited to small studies,  however, some distinct psychological and physiological advantages have emerged.

In this article, we’ll explore what we’ve learned regarding what rose absolute essential oil could possess the capability to accomplish and how best to utilize it.

What are the advantages that rose oils can bring?

Eases pain

In the 2015 study by the Trusted Source, postoperative children breathed one of two oils: almond or rose. Patients in the group who inhaled rose oil experienced an increase in the level of pain. Researchers believe that rose oil could be stimulating the brain and release endorphins. frequently referred to as the “feel-good” hormone.

Based on the findings of this study, researchers concluded that aromatherapy using rose oils could be a good way to reduce pain for patients who’ve undergone surgery.

Menstrual discomfort can be relieved

In a study carried out in 2013, menstrual pain sufferers with menstrual discomfort received abdominal massages to ease their discomfort.

A portion of the group was massaged using carrier oil (almond oil) exclusively and the other was massaged using rose oil and almond oil. Rose oil users reported less cramping after the massage as the almond oil group did.

Reduces stress and anxiety

The aroma of rose oil can have a relaxing effect on a lot of people.

In one study, conducted by the Trusted Source researchers applied rose-scented oil to the skin of all participants and assessed its effects on the most frequent signs of anxiety. Heart rate, blood pressure, as well as respiration rates levels of cortisol levels, and levels of blood oxygen, diminished. Subjects also reported feeling more relaxed following the treatment with oil.

Another study by Trusted Source which involved more than 100 women giving birth, found that rose oil helped reduce anxiety levels during delivery.

Antibacterial, antifungal properties

Researchers have discovered that essential oil extracted from roses may be beneficial against a variety of microbes that cause infection. It includes E. E. coli and specific strains of the bacteria that cause infections with staph (Staphylococcus) or strep throat (Streptococcus).

Furthermore, the study showed rose oil to be beneficial for the treatment of Candida albicans which causes fungal infections of the mouth, stomach, and vagina.

Stimulates sexual drive

Two studies have shown that inhaling rose oil boosted sexual desire and satisfaction in both men and, to a lesser degree females. One study conducted by the Trusted Source included males suffering from a major depressive disorder using antidepressants. The study that was not included in the study referred to as Trusted Source included female participants who had the same disorder and were also taking antidepressants.

Researchers believe that the release of dopamine within the brain, a well-known motivational factor, could be the reason that triggers an increase in sexual desire while simultaneously reducing signs of depression.

Eases depressive symptoms

A variety of studies on clinical trials have revealed that rose oil may help reduce those symptoms associated with depression. The 2012 study conducted by Trusted Source the study included a small number of postpartum women who received treatment for depression.

A group of patients received aromatherapy along with traditional medical treatments. Women who received aromatherapy had significantly better outcomes than women who received conventional treatment by themselves.

Research has also revealed that rose oil increases the release of the substance dopamine. The researchers believe that this chemical plays an important role in helping relieve depression-related symptoms.

Researchers recommend to Trusted Source opt for massage therapy for depression, rather than inhalation. It could take as many as eight sessions a week before you begin to notice a shift in your symptoms of depression which is why you might have to be patient.

How do you use rose oil?

Rose oil can be quite expensive, and it is extremely potent. It must be diluted if you are planning to inhale or apply the oil to your face.

  • To create the rose oil bath Add 10 drops of essential rose oil to the carrier oil and then pour it into the warm tub. Essential oils must be mixed with a carrier oil prior to adding them to the water.
  • To create the perfect foot bath make sure you add some drops of dilute rose oil into your bath and then soak your feet for about 10 minutes.
  • To help treat anxiety depression, and stress You can inhale rose oil with diffusers or rub it on your neck, chest, and wrists. Make sure to mix the oil using a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, or jojoba oil prior to when it is applied to the skin. You can also benefit from rose oil massages, where the essential rose oil is blended with the oil of a message carrier.

Before attempting any complementary or alternative treatment consult your physician regarding any medical condition you are currently suffering from and possible drug interactions or adverse negative effects.

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