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Hair Transplant in Lahore | Facts About Hair Transplants

At the Dr. Ata Ul Haq Clinic of Hair Transplant in Lahore, we think that patients will be happier with the results of their hair restoration if they know as much as possible about the process.


Try out a minor procedure.

Hair transplantation is a surgery that gives long-lasting results. Do your homework first and don’t go through with hair restoration surgery until you’re sure about the procedure and the doctor you’ve chosen.


Think about the following

The doctor should look at the person’s scalp with a densitometer, a tool that magnifies a small part of the scalp and accurately measures hair density. How loose the patient’s scalp is tells how much hair transplant. The scalp removes by a “skilled” hand to find out. No one’s appearance should affect a doctor’s decision about whether or not to do hair restoration surgery on a patient.


No. Of Grafting Per Session

It’s best to transfer as many grafts as possible all at once. Moving hair in extensive hair transplant sessions is the best way to reduce donor scarring and make each procedure look as natural as possible, but sessions that are too big risk less-than-ideal growth and may force the doctor to move hair to less-than-ideal places.


Blood supply vs. number of grafts

When a lot of grafts are transplant at the same time, they don’t get enough blood. Because the scalp’s blood supply is so ample and comes from many different blood vessels that are all connected, it can support the growth of thousands of newly transplanted grafts at the same time. But there are still some limits. If the grafts are too big or the sites are too close, the blood supply overwhelms, which can slow growth. Also, smoking and spending a lot of time in the sun worsen blood flow, limiting the number of grafts that can be safely placed in one hair transplant session.


Young Age Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant when you are young is better. Also, no one knows how long the donor area will last.


As soon as possible, get a hair transplant.

Hair transplants take a whole year to fully mature because the hair grows very slowly. Because the hair grows so slowly, no one will see. . Also, if a hair transplant treats too soon, it could speed up hair loss.


Women Hair Transplant

Even though surgical hair restoration has come a long way, doctors can only use so much of a person’s hair until cloning becomes possible when women lose their hair, the donor area and other parts of the scalp often thin. This makes hair transplantation ineffective.


Grafting Larger vs. Smaller

When it comes to density, more extensive grafts are better than smaller ones. Density is not based on the size of the grafts but on how many hairs transplant to a specific area. We fix old “hair plug” transplants done years ago and use big “plug” grafts. Please read about how we select old transplants and look at photos of some of our repair patients before and after their repairs.


Reduction of Scalp

Scalp reductions save hair for when you lose hair in the future. In a scalp reduction, the bald spot removes by the doctor to make it smaller. But to close the gap, the back and sides of the scalp must move forward. This makes the back and sides of the scalp less full of hair and makes the scalp tighter. Because of these two things, taking more hair from the donor area is much harder, making the front and top of the scalp look too sparse. Also, the surgery leaves a scar that coveres with hair, which takes up even more hair that would have been better in the front.

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Laser Hair Transplant

Laser hair transplants are the most modern way to do this. Many people think “laser hair transplants” are cutting-edge, but lasers used in hair transplants for over a decade, and even the most experienced hair transplant surgeons don’t use them.

Lasers are a problem even for this small use. Because lasers burn and destroy tissue. No matter how precise the laser beam is, the procedure still cuts through the tissue to make a hole or slit. So, lasers will always hurt the skin more than a small cut made with an instrument (like surgical steel) that doesn’t damage tissue.

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