Guidelines for improving or increase hair density

Guidelines for improving or increase hair density


Lack of protein and nutrients: Protein is an important nutrient for strengthening the hair. If there is a deficiency of protein in the body, then its side effects can be seen on the hair. The research on this topic has been published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). It has been told in research that if there is a lack of protein in the body, then hair starts falling with thinning.


At the same time, according to another research, nutritional deficiency can also be the reason for hair loss. In such a situation, the right dosage of vitamins and minerals can reduce the problem of hair loss. At the same time, it is also important to know which vitamins and minerals intake can help prevent hair fall. Many times the problem of hair loss increases due to excessive intake of wrong nutrients. Which nutrients are necessary for hair growth, we will tell about it in the next part of the article.


Stress: Stress can also be considered one of the reasons behind hair loss. Actually, due to stress, hair growth is hindered. A research done on rats has also shown inhibition of hair growth due to stress and harmful effects on hair follicles (3). About one to three quarters of the hair on the scalp may fall due to physical or emotional stress. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium (4).

Hormonal imbalance: Along with stress, hair loss also occurs due to the deterioration of the balance of hormones (4). This first includes changes in hormones due to menopause (5). Apart from this, hair loss can also occur due to hormonal imbalance after delivery (6). Hair loss due to menopause or childbirth can often subside after 6 months to 2 years. Apart from this, hair thinning can also occur due to the problem of PCOD.


Due to anemia: The lack of blood in the body is called anemia and one of the reasons for this can also be iron deficiency (7). Blood supply can be helpful in hair growth. At the same time, anemia due to iron deficiency in the body can be the main reason for thinning and loss of hair (8). At the moment, further research is being done on this topic.


Thyroid Causes: Thyroid problems can also be one of the reasons for thinning hair. Thyroid hormone is essential for hair growth and maintenance. If the condition of hypothyroidism (the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones) or hyperthyroidism (the thyroid gland produces more hormones) occurs, then hair loss can start (9).


Causes of Medical Conditions: There are some medical conditions which can cause thinning and loss of hair. One of them is Alopecia Areata. This is an autoimmune disease. The disease causes the immune system, which normally helps protect your body from disease, to attack the hair follicles. Hair follicles are the part of the skin from which hair grows (10). Apart from this, even if there is a disease like heart problem and cancer, thinning or loss of hair can also start (11).


Reasons for childbirth: The time after delivery can also be considered a reason for hair loss. A study has confirmed that some women may complain of hair loss after delivery. At present, more research needs to be done in this regard .


Pollution: Pollution not only causes diseases like allergies and asthma, but can also cause hair loss. Due to pollution, there can be a red rash, itching, weakening of hair, pain in the hair roots and dandruff problem at places on the scalp. Later, due to this problem, alopecia occurs, that is, hair starts falling in circular shape from the scalp.


Genetic: If there has been a problem of baldness in the family from generation to generation, then other members of the family may also have to face problems like hair loss and baldness


Chemical-rich products: There are many types of products available in the market for straightening, coloring and styling hair, the chemical present in which can cause hair loss. Research has found that hair has a protein-rich layer, which includes 18-methylisocyanic acid (18-MEA) and free lipids. 18-MEA helps in retaining the hydrophobicity i.e. a type of moisture in the hair. Chemicals in cosmetics can increase the absorption of this moisture. This can weaken the hair and start breaking.


Hair Styling Tools: Hair styling tools can also cause weakening and loss of hair. Research on this topic has shown that repeated use of chemical-laden products and heat styling tools can cause damage to the follicles. Damage to the follicles can cause permanent hair loss and loss. Apart from this, they can also cause hair fall or thinning due to the consumption of protein.


After knowing the reasons for thinning hair, let us discuss the home remedies for thick hair.


Home Remedies For Thickening Hair – How To Get Thick Hair Naturally In Hindi

There are many such remedies, which can be used at home to make the hair thick to some extent. To what extent these home remedies are effective, it depends on the problem of each person.


  1. Fenugreek Seeds

Oil made from fenugreek seeds gives hair many types of benefits.

It can be beneficial in getting rid of problems, one of which is the weakening of hair. According to the research done on this subject, a good amount of protein is found in fenugreek seeds. Protein is such a nutrient that can help reduce the problem of hair thinning, loss and baldness. Research also confirmed that a compound called lecithin found in fenugreek seeds can moisturize as well as strengthen hair. It can also reduce the problem of dandruff to some extent (15).




A few drops of fenugreek oil mixed with coconut oil can be used to massage the hair.

Keep in mind that its quantity should be used according to the length of the hair. It can be used to massage the hair before sleeping.

Fenugreek oil can also be used by mixing it in shampoo while taking a bath.

  1. Egg

It is believed that the use of eggs can also be helpful in getting rid of the problem of hair thinning and loss by strengthening the hair. Studies on this topic have confirmed that the soluble peptides compound found in egg yolk can be helpful in promoting hair growth. Apart from this, it can also be helpful in preventing hair fall and can get rid of the problem of baldness (16).




Eggs can be used as a hair mask before bath by whisking it with olive oil.

It can also be used on the hair by mixing egg yolk and olive oil.

Using eggs with aloe vera can also be beneficial in hair problems.

  1. Amla

Amla has been ranked as the best hair tonic in Ayurveda for increasing hair growth and preventing hair fall. Research has found that the use of amla oil and shampoos made from it can not only increase hair growth, but also strengthen them (17).




Amla powder can be used as a hair mask on hair with coconut or olive oil.

A paste made by mixing amla and shikakai in water can be applied on the hair. After drying the paste on the hair, wash the hair with shampoo.

Amla powder can also be used with eggs as a hair mask.

Not only this, Amla powder can also be used with henna to get rid of hair problems.


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