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Are you a Netflix freak? Do you love watching web series? If yes then you must have seen The Strangers things. There are a lot of fans of this series and they usually love each character of the series. The 13-year boy Gaten Matarazzo is a part of this series. Many people have noticed that there is something wrong with Gaten Matarazzo Teeth. We will explore what is wrong with his teeth and did he get any treatment because in the very first season his teeth were different and now they are different. So let’s see the details about it.

Gaten Matarazzo Teeth:

Gaten played the role of Dustin in your favorite show, Stranger things. In the series, he got a lot of attention due to his weird teeth. He is suffering from a condition called cleidocranial dysplasia in which teeth grow abnormally.

2nd season of the series:

In the very first season as discussed above, he had no teeth but when he appeared in 2nd season he showed up with dentures that were basically fake teeth with passing time he underwent some surgeries that helped his teeth to grow downwards. If we talk about the 4th season now he has a full set of braces that helped him to grow his teeth in a normal way.

Cleidocranial dysplasia:

After knowing this term you all must want to know the details about it then let me explain it to you. In this condition, the development of bones and teeth is affected badly. When Gaten was born he had no collarbones and due to this reason, people made fun of him. Here are some symptoms of this condition.

  • People are born with no collarbones.
  • Short height 
  • Extra teeth
  • Baby teeth would be absent
  • Wider and flat forehead

People are born with this condition; it doesn’t happen after birth and heredity can be the reason behind it. It is a very rare condition. This condition can be treated with surgeries.

Gaten Matarazzo Teeth surgeries:

As this condition can be treated with surgeries so he had many visits to his dentists. If we talk about his surgeries then his recent one is supernumerary teeth in which the dentist removes the extra baby teeth. This was the reason why he was not growing adult teeth but now they have been pulled down and corrected with braces.

Gaten Matarazzo’s instagram post:

On his Instagram, he talked about his teeth surgeries and he stated that I have gone through a lot of surgeries to extract the baby teeth and grow the adult teeth that should have grown till now. He mentioned the dentist team worked really hard and exposed my 6 adult teeth. He also said that he had his first surgery back in 2014 and he has been seeing doctors since when he was 8 years old.

Gaten Matarazzo Teeth journey:

If we talk about his whole journey then it was horrible because he faced many issues. The main issue he faced is bullying. People bullied him for his teeth and for not having collarbones but he didn’t lose hope.

In the beginning, his teeth got dentures. Then after some time her extra baby teeth got removed then an appliance helped his teeth to pull his adult teeth down and when they came down he got braces. The braces will help him to get Gaten Matarazzo Teeth in alignment.

It is said that he has to put on braces for several years and he may require one or more surgeries to get perfect teeth like others. We should support people if they are going through something instead of teasing or making fun of them.


Gaten Matarazzo Teeth has an incredible history but the best thing about the whole thing is that he worked in such a big series, Stranger things. No matter how badly people bullied him he still worked with full passion. He really needs to get appreciation. I hope you like this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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