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How do you choose the right law firm to help you with your case? You want one that knows what they’re doing, and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Doug Wright Holland Knight is an attorney that can help you achieve this and more. Our team of attorneys have worked together for over three decades now, and we’re happy to share our experiences of working together so you can decide if we would be the right fit for your case or situation.

Doug Wright’s history of Holland & Knight

Doug Wright has been with Holland & Knight since 1982, and his experience has ranged from being a lawyer to being in charge of the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office. He says: I started as an associate attorney, and I was designated to be the head of our office when it opened in Fort Lauderdale. I was also one of the first lawyers on staff who had litigation experience.

His other notable contributions include his involvement with the firm’s pro bono program. He helped create the Holland & Knight Mentoring Program, which benefits students at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

A Successful Career with Holland & Knight

Doug Wright and Holland Knight have been working together for a very long time. Doug joined in 1991 as a staff attorney and now serves as the managing partner. Doug says that he’s been fortunate to work with a lot of great people. Doug has found that the best part about working at Holland & Knight is being able to see the firm grow in size and become more successful with time.

Was Doug Wright Holland and Knight a member of the Bob Graham Center?

Doug Wright Holland and Knight is a public relations firm that primarily works with clients in the construction industry. Wright, Doug Doug Wright, a former advertising manager for a retail firm, launched Holland Knight in the late 1980s. Doug’s experience with the construction industry has helped him grow the business over time. Earlier this year, Doug Wright retired from day-to-day operations to focus on his own consulting practice, but he will remain as chairman of the board for Doug Wright Holland and Knight.

Caroline was the Love of his Life:

Doug Wright Holland and his wife Caroline had everything they could ever want until a terrible accident took her life. Doug’s words about the experience are truly heartbreaking, but he does not regret a thing. She is the love of my life, Doug says. I would do anything for her. His story proves that love can be found in the most unexpected places and that you should never give up on it.

About Doug Wright Holland And Knight

Doug Wright Holland & Knight is a law firm with a long history that includes serving the City and County of Honolulu, the People of Hawaii and other governmental entities. The firm’s lawyers have experience in all aspects of the law. In recent years, the firm has experienced significant growth in its commercial litigation practice, which now comprises more than one-third of its total business.

Doug Wright Holland Knight continues to serve as counsel for all levels of government on both local and national matters. The firm also provides legal services to private clients, ranging from individuals and small businesses to large international corporations.

Did Doug Wright Holland and Knight become Lawyer?

Doug Wright and Holland Knight were a law firm with a diverse range of legal experience. They have been in operation since 1883, providing legal representation to high-profile clients in the state. Doug Wright was the chairman, and Holland, who passed away in 1999, was his partner. At one point, they had over 500 employees and offices located around the country. Doug Wright Holland & Knight had offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego.

The firm’s main office is still located in downtown Phoenix at 175 North Central Avenue.

Copy of Class Action Complaint Filed Against Holland & Knight

plaintiffs, who allege that the law firm charged them excessive and illegal fees for legal services rendered, allege that Holland & Knight has a long-standing practice of charging its clients an overhead fee on top of the costs associated with their legal matters. According to the plaintiffs, this overhead charge is not a genuine cost or price borne by the law business in connection with offering legal services to its customers. Rather, according to the Plaintiffs’ allegations, the overhead charge is simply another way for Holland & Knight to increase profits by overcharging its clients.

Indeed, it appears from the Plaintiffs’ allegations that without this illegally-charged overhead charge, they would have paid far less in fees than they did as a result of this unlawful practice.


It has been an incredible opportunity to work with Doug and Holland. I am truly thankful for the opportunity and hope that the interview can provide some insight into what it’s like to work with them. Doug and Holland are equally kind, kind, courteous, and generally decent people who are passionate about what they do.

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