Cleaning Dusty Phone Speakers & Cell Phone Repair, Vancouver

Cell phones are handy devices to have and do various things. At the same time, these devices can suffer different issues. One of the issues you can encounter with these devices is the decrease in their sound quality with noise. Further, you may think of visiting a phone repair shop for cell phone repair in Vancouver with speaker issues. Nonetheless, you can try cleaning your phone speaker before visiting a phone repair shop. It is possible that the dust has made your phone speaker noisy. Thus, cleaning a dusty phone speaker is worth a try though it will demand some effort and time.

Why Do You Need to Clean a Phone Speaker Often?

Typically, cell phone speakers accumulate a lot of dust, and they attract dust for diverse reasons. One of the reasons why phone speakers attract dust is due to the frequent use of smartphones. If you don’t bother cleaning a dusty phone speaker, you will let the dust layer cake up and leak into the surface. As a result, your phone speaker won’t do its best when it comes to the sound quality of your phone speaker.

In addition, cleaning the speaker of your phone will avert dust from sinking into the surface. If you don’t clean a phone speaker, it is possible for your phone speaker to stop functioning completely. You may also confront difficulty hearing others if your phone speaker gets dusty. Cleaning the fragile part of a speaker may also seem tricky to you. Nonetheless, you can do it as long as you stick to the steps to cleaning it that we are going to share with you in this post.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Dusty Phone Speakers

Here are the steps you need to follow to clean a dusty phone speaker:

Step 1: Wash Your Hands First

It is important that you wash your hands prior to cleaning a dusty phone speaker. If you wash your hands first, it will prevent dust particles from your hands from moving to your phone. Once you finish washing your hands, make sure you dry your hands with a clean towel.

Step 2: Turn off Your Phone

Another thing you need to keep in mind while cleaning a phone speaker is that you turn off your phone. It is important that you don’t proceed with cleaning a phone speaker when your phone is turned on. Otherwise, it can impact the normal performance of your phone, which you won’t want, too.

Step 3: Deploy a Toothbrush

You can start cleaning a phone speaker with a toothbrush once your phone is off. Make sure you pick a toothbrush with soft bristles for cleaning. Further, it is important that the toothbrush you use is clean, too. You can even use an old toothbrush for cleaning but make sure you clean it first. If you have a toothbrush in spare for your child, you may use it, because children’s toothbrushes are small and have softer bristles.

Step 4: It’s Time to Brush the Port

Look for where your phone speaker port is. Once you see it, you can brush it gently with a toothbrush to clean it. Make sure you avoid scrubbing while cleaning the speaker port with a toothbrush. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your phone, which you would like to avoid. Nevertheless, there are phone repair shops, like CellFixx, for cell phone repair in Vancouver that comes to the rescue to revive broken smartphones. Still, the right way to clean a port with a toothbrush is gentle brushing away the dirt particles from the port.

Step 5: Shake Gently

Once you clean the dirt particles, you should gently shake your phone. It will aid you in getting rid of remaining dirt particles, if any.

Step 6: Wipe Your Cell Phone 

Now, you should get a wet cloth and wipe your phone but avoid wiping it with a dripping cloth. Put differently; you should ensure you squeeze the water out before letting the cloth touch the surface of your phone.

Step 7: Clean with the Aid of a Dry Cloth

You should let the phone surface dry once you finish wiping your cell phone. Afterward, wipe your phone and the speaker area with the aid of a dry cloth to get rid of the moisture.

It is how you can clean a dusty phone speaker, which you should do once a week. Even if there is nothing wrong with the sound quality, you should still frequently clean a phone. It will thwart dust from building into the speaker of your phone.

To Finish

The following are the seven steps to cleaning a phone speaker: 

  1. Wash Your Hands First
  2. Turn off Your Phone
  3. Deploy a Toothbrush
  4. It’s Time to Brush the Port
  5. Shake Gently
  6. Wipe Your Cell Phone
  7. Clean with the Aid of a Dry Cloth

Lastly, count on an esteemed phone repair shop for cell phone repair in Vancouver if your phone encounters issues.

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