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It is evident that with the advent of new technologies, there will be a need for new and innovative ways to protect products from theft and other unauthorized use. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology has become a popular method of product identification due to its ability to identify and track products without a line of sight.

FDA Implementing National Electronic Tracking with RFID

The National Drug Administration (FDA) is currently in the process of implementing a national system of electronic tracking of prescription drugs with RFID tags. As a result of the new system, fake drugs will be greatly reduced and security will be increased. Since it is not possible to forge or duplicate RFID tags. RFID technology will also make it easier to identify counterfeit drugs that are sold illegally on the black market.

Rfid tags can be printed with human-readable information

RFID tags can also be printed with human-readable information, such as product names, serial numbers, and expiration dates. These tags can then be attached to a variety of products to facilitate tracking and prevent fraud. For example, UHF RFID tags can be embedded in products that are sold online to prevent fraudulent transactions and ensure that the product is actually delivered to the customer.

FDA Began Using Rfid Tags

In December 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began investigating, how RFID tags could be used to detect and eliminate counterfeit medications. The agency used smart labels to print information on drugs. That would alert pharmacists to possible counterfeiting if the medication contained an unapproved ingredient. The FDA plans to begin using RFID technology to identify and track pharmaceuticals by the end of this year.

RFID technology to Track Prescription Drugs

In July 2010, the FDA announced that the agency would be using RFID technology to track prescription drugs in an effort to reduce the incidence of counterfeiting and contamination in the drug supply chain. The technology will make it easier to detect suspicious orders and combat the activities of counterfeiters. It will also help prevent patients from buying the wrong drug and causing harmful side effects.

RFID Technology to Improve the Security

On September 15, 2010, the FDA issued a report urging the use of RFID device technology to improve the security of the global drug supply chain. The report outlined a number of strategies that could be used to help reduce the impact of counterfeit drugs on consumers. These include increasing collaboration among regulatory agencies to monitor drug production and distribution. And to improve monitoring and inspection procedures at the ports of entry. And strengthen government coordination to combat criminal organizations involved in counterfeiting drugs.

On July 2011, the HSI issued a report stating that counterfeit drugs pose a serious public health threat. The report also stated that the United States is losing billions of dollars each year. As a result of criminal activity. According to the report, several countries produce fake drugs that are sold in the United States. And other countries at extremely low prices. INTERPOL announced the results of Operation Pangea VI in 2014. In this operation, 36 organized crime groups were arrested and more than $49 million worth of counterfeit and illegal medicines were seized. INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation in Boston coordinated this operation, which was the largest of its kind to date.

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