8 Best Cloud Gaming Services to Play Games Online

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is the latest addition to our top cloud gaming services. Luna provides a decent gaming experience with a small, but growing game selection.

Luna supports web browser-based gaming at the moment. The Luna controller will greatly expand the feature set. Luna Controller connects to your devices and gives you better control over the player when you play Luna games.

The controller can be connected to a separate WiFi network in order to reduce input latency and lag. You can use the controller to switch between multiple devices via the cloud gaming service.

Luna also offers games like Ride 4, Wonderful 101 Remastered, and Narita Boy. You can add the Ubisoft subscription. Ubisoft will give you access to AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed Vahalla, Watch Dogs Legion, and Far Cry 5, among others.


Playkey doesn’t use centralized servers for its cloud gaming services. It uses Blockchain technology instead. Playkey is a win-win for gamers and crypto miners. You can either let your device mine cryptocurrency as part of the blockchain network or you could use cloud gaming.

Nvidia GeForce1080 Ti comes with 3584 CUDA 11 GB, and i7 4 cores. To ensure that cloud gaming is as enjoyable as possible, Playkey servers have 20GB RAM. Playkey works flawlessly on any device that has at least 1GB RAM and a 1.5GHz processor. It does not currently support mobile devices. Playkey runs only on a computer with a Windows operating system.

It has agreements with Bethesda, and Ubisoft allows them to share its libraries on the platform. Playkey lets you integrate your Steam library, and allows you to buy a la carte.

Gaming is very smooth, with very few stutters and input lag. You can choose from different game settings. These range from 720p 30 FPS to 1080 120 FPS. Higher settings will require more bandwidth. Another great feature is payment via crypto if you’re interested in exchanging services using cryptocurrency., a third-party website, allows users to access mobile apps and games via a web browser. Because there are no delays in downloading updates or large supporting files, gamers can enjoy a better Roblox gaming experience. delivers the best android experience to your web browser. Just click on the button “play in browser”, and you can play Roblox from your web browser.



Paperspace is another cloud computing company. Gaming is another part of the cloud computing service. Just like Shadow, Paperspace assigns you a Windows machine once you’ve subscribed to a plan. The remote computer like a mobile can be used as many times as you like using an internet connection such as Spectrum mobile plans. Paperspace’s greatest feature is the ability to choose your hardware. You can choose lighter hardware for lighter games and vice versa.

You will need to download your games or integrate them using existing game clients like Epic Games, Steam, etc. This will increase the time and cost of playing a specific game. For those with a large library of games, paper space is the best option. Paperspace is less expensive than cloud gaming subscriptions.

It provides a great streaming experience as well as 4K gaming. Paperspace users have the option of renting gaming equipment for one hour. This feature allows users to save money on their monthly subscriptions.


The Blacknut cloud gaming platform is affordable and easy to use. The application provides a two-week free trial. Blacknut markets its product as a family-oriented application. Features such as parental control and multiple profiles support will be available.

It is compatible with many platforms including Windows, Mac, and Amazon Fire TV.

Blacknut has over 500 games but some of the most popular are not yet available. While Blacknut is an excellent choice for basic gaming, it might not be the best for professional gamers.


What if your gaming computer isn’t being used every time? Rainway acts as your host and streams your PC games to your smartphone. It is available only to people who have installed games and a gaming computer. Rainway can change the course of a person’s life if they have both a gaming PC and installed games.

The streaming quality is better than cloud gaming services that have poor hardware backends. While streaming quality is still an important factor, it can be achieved with the right conditions.


NetBoom offers a complete cloud gaming experience. It includes all major AAA titles and is compatible with mobile devices. You can stream your favorite games using Android, iOS, and web browsers. NetBoom’s gaming interface can seamlessly handle touch-input PC games. The virtual keyboard can be used to personalize your gaming experience. The game library is constantly growing and includes popular titles like GTA V, Far Cry 5 FIFA, Hitman, and many others.

NetBoom’s greatest feature is its simplicity. the netbook is simple to use even for non-tech-savvy users. It’s easy to connect peripheral devices like earphones and controllers, and then change their settings in the app.

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Boosteroid is a cloud-based browser gaming platform that allows you to play a wide range of AAA titles from any location in the world. It is simple to set up Boosteroid. Logging in to their website is all you need to get started. You don’t need to install anything or set up any software. There is no need to install anything before you can start playing. Cloud gaming services can be used across platforms on any device via the web browser.

Boosteroid has partnered up with Nvidia, Intel and Asus to offer a great gaming experience. You can easily play high-resolution (1080p) games with a 15 Mbps connection. This platform’s only problem is its packet handling. Boosteroid is a browser-based service. It can’t handle packages such as a dedicated app. This can cause frame drops and stutters.

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