App Like Gojek will Increase Your Business Revenue Instantly

What are some ways to increase your business revenue? Let’s learn a few lucrative ways to make more cash in your business with an app like Gojek. However, before we dig a little deeper into the details of earning revenue with the on-demand multi-service app, let’s note its development cost is between $1,50,000 – $3,00,000. Additionally, the prices can go higher if modifications or errors occur. 

You must invest at least a quarter to a million dollars into app development if you want to build it from scratch. Otherwise, you need to incur a fraction of the mentioned amount for a pre-built app solution. No kidding! So, let’s learn how you can earn more than your investment in only a few days.

gojek clone script

Earn a Whopping Great Revenue with Gojek Clone  

Luckily, there are several ways you can earn more money by launching a ready-made multi-service app. Read through the following techniques to know more! 

1. Try a membership subscription plan! 

A membership subscription plan in an app like Gojek is similar to OTT platform plans like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Thus, the service provider can purchase them and start rendering their services based on requirements. 

Now, how will you earn revenue from them? 

  • Purchase: the plan price is directly credited to the business’s account, say $299 for a 3-month plan. 
  • Renewal: service providers need to renew the subscription plan before it expires, so they can continue receiving service requests. Thus, your account gets credited with the plan amount. 
  • Upgrade: the service providers can choose to upgrade their subscription plans depending on their needs and wants. In brief, you get the amount for the upgraded plan credited to the business account! 

2. Send compelling in-app push notifications! 

Another strategy to generate more revenue is to implement effective in-app push notifications. These are great ways to keep the users engaged and convince them to spend more on the services and app benefits. In simpler terms, you get the following perks by broadcasting effective in-app push notifications: 

  • Improved customer engagement 
  • Target the right audience 
  • Gather valuable customer data 
  • Enhance conversion rates 

3. Earn commissions on every confirmed service! 

You earn a commission from every complete service on an app like Gojek. For instance, every taxi driver is liable to pay a fixed commission rate on rides they complete. Here is how one of the taxi drivers paid in a day. 

Ride no.  Fare Collected ( in $) Commission Paid (10% per ride)
1 $52 $5.2
2 $60 $6
3 $49 $4.9
4 $55 $5.5
5 $75 $7.5
Total  $291 $29.1


Think about the amount of commission you will earn every day from every service provider. Moreover, the app offers 82+ services on the app. Your everyday earnings would be much greater than you could ever imagine! 

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs can set a different commission rate for services they want. 

4. Other monetization strategies! 

Having a monetization strategy is essential if you want to increase your revenue. Here are some smart monetization strategies an on-demand multi-service app must have. 

  • In-app advertising: you can integrate third-party Google and Facebook in-app ads and monetize from them. The revenue generated will fall into the pay-per-click format. For example, for every single click on the app displayed on the app’s home screen, the app will earn $3. 
  • Surcharges: these charges can be fixed for every service or may vary according to the app owner’s requirement. Surcharges are the extra charges an app like Gojek imposes whenever a customer books a service during peak hours. 
  • Cancellation charges:  the service cancellation charges extracted by the app from every customer who cancels the booked service last minute. For instance, your cancellation policy may say – “$30 is charged if the service isn’t canceled 2 hours before the scheduled time” 

multi-service app

5. Pay attention to service feedback 

Assess, understand, and implement every service feedback. These feedbacks are one of the sturdy ways to improve the app and maximize profits. In brief, if you want to build a solid brand reputation, don’t overlook the feedback, as the users will only give you an idea about a problem faced on the ground level. 

The main goal should be to keep the customers happy. Therefore, pay attention to both negative and positive feedback. 

In Conclusion: 

On the whole, launch an app like Gojek if you want to generate more revenue compared to your investment in the business solution. Moreover, this pre-built solution makes it easier to launch the app. You can become a real entrepreneur in only 1 to 2 weeks. 

So, grab the chance and leverage the ready-made app solution to earn more returns effortlessly!

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