Amazon PPC Advertising the Best Strategies for Newcomers

Like an Amazon seller, it’s clear that you should use ads to promote your products. What better way to market your product than to run Amazon PPC ads on Amazon that are aimed at customers? Already, people are looking at the website with their credit cards inside, ready to buy. So, it would help if you put a little pressure on them to make that change.

This Amazon PPC guide is meant to help people like you who are new to paid advertising on AMZN understand how it works. With PPC ads, your products will get more attention because they appear at the top of the results page. Even people who opened their first stores can start getting customers using Amazon PPC ads.


Why Does Amazon PPC Matter So Much?

Use the PPC system. An Amazon best seller needs to know how to use PPC. Managing and making changes to your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy is an essential and ongoing part of your Amazon business. When you launch a brand-new product, you need to get people to see it because it starts with a low rank.

So, this is the ideal way to do it. So, you can reach people when they search for a keyword you choose. PPC is not just for newbies. At any time, there are always new ways to try that might help you make more money. You have to find them.

The power of Amazon’s PPC is another reason why it is so important. All PPC systems work the same way (Google Ad words, Facebook, Instagram, etc..). You set a marketing campaign, people see what you want them to see, and you pay when someone clicks on it. Even though they are all based on the same idea, which one of these portals has people who want to spend money? Amazon.


How to Get Your PPC Ad Campaign Started?

Before we talk about how to make a PPC ad campaign, you should know what the different types of campaigns are. You can set up an auto or a manual campaign if you want to run ads.

Automated campaigns can match your ads to applicable or related search terms or keywords depending on the info in your product listing. Therefore, Amazon advertising services for manual campaigns, on the other hand, you choose the search terms or keywords that your product ad will use. Your ad won’t appear unless the customer’s search term matches your chosen keywords.


 Amazon Best Strategies 

It’s not enough that you’ve used this Amazon PPC guide to learn how to run ads. To ensure you don’t waste money on your campaign, you must keep an effective strategy in place. Here are some basic things you can do to build a good PPC management strategy:


1- Adding Negative Keywords Can Boost Conversion Rates.

Bringing negative keywords to your campaigns is one of the best ways to boost the number of people who buy from you. Negative keywords are filters to keep your content from being shown to people who use specific keywords.

For example, if you add the negative keyword “free” to your PPC keyword list, people who type “free” into the Amazon search bar won’t see your ads. You can slowly raise your conversion rates by weeding out people who only want free products. You can also save a lot of money on advertising by eliminating people who use your “negative keywords” list in their search terms.


2- Give Campaigns a Week To Run

Let your Amazon PPC campaign run for at least a week before you start running reports and making significant changes. It’s not a good idea to run your campaign for only a few days and then make substantial changes. Why? Because it won’t give you accurate information, you need to choose an option in a short amount of time-based on what you know.


3- Deal with Your Bids Wisely:

Bid management is an integral part of PPC management. One of the main goals is to use the money well. You want as much money back as you can get. Getting a good ACOS (advertising cost of sale) on your campaigns takes a lot of trial and error, even though it sounds easy. You should try to keep your bids as low as possible as you change.

When you first add high search volume or high bid (probably exact match type) keywords, it’s best to start with a low bid and slowly raise it until it works well with your budget. It lowers the chance that your campaign will use up all of your money in a short amount of time. Of course, it doesn’t help to lose every bid and not spend any of your money. The idea is to raise your offers until you spend all your money, but it still lasts all day.


4- Get Reports Regularly:

Much of what has been discussed in this article depends on getting and studying advertising reports regularly and carefully. If you don’t do this, it’s almost certain that your Amazon PPC sales aren’t as good as they could be. Advertising reports only show data from the last 45 days, so it’s essential to keep them so you can see how your PPC has changed over time.

There are more than 25 metrics in the reports. Seller Central gives you 12. When you have more information, you can make better decisions. If you use any AMZScout tools or read any AMZScout content, you know we agree with this thinking.

One of the easiest ways to gain new ways to boost sales is through these reports. It’s where you might find links to keywords you would never have thought would lead to a deal. Your Amazon PPC strategy should be based on what you learn from reports. It’s an essential part of using PPC correctly and a very important part of selling on Amazon.


5- Test All The Time:

This Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) guide wouldn’t be complete without a reminder to test. Always try out every type of advertising campaign you run. Don’t rest on your past achievements because you achieved a few sales. Continue to try out both routine and automatic keyword targeting and see what works best. You can determine what works best for your goods by doing split tests.


6- Use Automatic Campaign Reports for The Keyword:

Sometimes it’s easier just to let AMZ do the work. They usually know what they are doing, after all (well, most of the time). When you run an automated campaign, an ad report is made. So, if you run out of keyword ideas, you can use these automatically generated ad reports.

Check the word to see what keywords it used. You can then use those keywords in your subsequent manual campaigns.  Clicks on a keyword before you remove, change, or tweak it in your manual campaign. Begin to let the critical word get at least 10 to 15 clicks before you change it.



An essential thing an Amazon seller must do is take care of PPC. Mastering it and getting better at it is a consistent process of learning. But the most important thing about Amazon PPC is that your work is never done since everything changes constantly. Keywords that used to work well may not work as well now.


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