All about piling and mini piling, chose it or not?

What is Piling?    

Piling is a process of strengthening the foundations or base of the earth before starting any construction on it. The purpose of piling is just to fill the excavated area by supplying a massive amount of concrete, steel and timber into it to ensure the powerful base of the structure.
If you are from Devon and thinking of an underpinning solution for your house then search on the internet, but keep in mind always check out their feedback and compare the prices in all the town then select a suitable and experienced service for your house.

Types of piling

There are several varieties of piling, but we’ll discuss only the main types of piling that are effective and good for your house.

The 2 main types of pining are

  • End bearing piles
  • Friction piles


End-bearing piles are also known as point-bearing piles the main purpose of this type of piling is to transfer the large base load of the structure to the upper layer of soil or to the rocks that are underneath which have great bearing capacity to support it.

Friction piles:

Friction piles, this type of piling is generally used in large-scale projects such as (stadiums, roads, etc.) The purpose of friction piling is to construct new and heavy foundations for their support because these types of structures cannot be supported by the topsoil.

What is mini piling?

Mini piling is a type of piling which has a small diameter than typical piling, this type of piling is much more affordable, light, and can easily be done on heights, Mini Piling Contractors are also known as micro piles, and this is used in underpinning and restricted access, this may also be used to create foundations for projects like bridges highways and others.

Advantages of mini piling

  • It works perfectly in both conditions tension and compression
  • It can be installed instantly depending upon the ground conditions.
  • This type of piling allows the builder to make extensions to the home even in tight places.
  • Mini piling causes slight vibration during the installation process.
  • With suitable ground conditions, mini piling is proven cost-effective and bears high load capacity.
  • Mini piling is often used for great depths.
  • Mini piling can operate even with low headroom in restricted working sites.
  • Mini piling can be added to the existing structure’s foundation.
    Mini Piling Contractors

Which cement is best for mini piling?

Typically mini-piling contractors use M20 to M40 grade concrete and micro piles should have higher cover to protect against deterioration from nearby soils.

How long do concrete micro piles last?

Once placed underground, piles can stabilize and lift your home or building. Concrete piles cost less than steel pilings, and this type of piling is extremely durable and can last up to 25 years, in some cases more than 30 years.

When is the pile foundation recommended?

Pile foundations are desperately needed where the erected structures are large, and the underlying soil is weak for support, areas, where settlements are quite often due to water table issues then pile foundations, are strongly recommended,

Cost for installation of micro piles:

The cost for the installation of micro piles widely depends upon the area you want, the country you live and the type you choose. But an estimated cost is around 12 USD per foot, which is expensive, but this takes construction time, that’s why this is an ideal piling for some people.

Is piling better than underpinning?

Well, you can’t really say that piling is much better than underpinning, but piling has an advantage, Mini Piled Underpinning goes much go down in the ground which can result in numerous benefits for the structure, such as (stability).

Tips to choose the best piling specialist:

  • Search on the internet about piling services or ask someone for a recommendation, because this is a delicate process which should be done with great care so, then compare the price and select an experienced specialist.
  • Always before selecting the builder or specialist don’t forget to check out their feedback, this is a perfect way to know about his experience and sincerity for the work.
  • Ask the company to survey your property to have a better understanding of the method you opt for.

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