A 5-Point Guide to Understand Pot, THC and Right Amount 

THC amounts vary widely among marijuana strains and different cannabis products. It’s essential to understand how much THC you are ingesting to enjoy its benefits. The type of product, the way to consume it, and an individual’s tolerance to the product play a part in its effect on the body. The edibles come in different sizes and shapes, influencing the right amount to take. This article will help you understand pot, THC, and finding the right dosage.

Different ways of consuming THC

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The wonderful thing about cannabis is that there are many methods to consume it.

1. Vaping

Vaping is the new smoking craze that allows you to inhale vapor rather than smoke. It involves heating cannabis flower or concentrate to a high temperature and converting it into vapor. Vaping is effective if you need quick relief. With vaping, you experience the THC effects within 10 to 15 minutes, with the effects continuing up to two to three hours before requiring another dosage.

2. Edibles

When you take THC through edibles, you will experience its effects after a good one or two hours. The good news is that the impact of edibles lasts longer than vaping.  When edibles containing THC pass through our liver, the cannabinoid metabolizes into 11 Hydroxy THC metabolites, potentially amplifying the edible’s euphoric effects. As the liver processes these Hydroxy metabolites, these edible molecules may become ten times more potent than Delta 8 THC.

3. Smoking

Smoking is the most common way people consume cannabis. The different methods of smoking cannabis can influence how you enjoy the product and the amount you can take. For example, the THC quantity in a joint differs from its quantity in a vape.

How to consume pot?

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In the past, edibles were the most common form of consuming pot. Then people discovered smoking as a popular way to take hash orally. Today, you can find traditional and modern high-tech ways of smoking pot. Here are the different ways to take the pot.

1. Bong

Bongs are common devices you can use to consume hash. They come with filters that prevent any plant reside when smoking, so it doesn’t reach your lungs. As a result, you get a smooth hit with bongs due to the filters. The bong also has water popes with a hose that can cool the hits and help contain additional smoke, giving you a powerful effect quickly. For example, you can get stoned from two bong hits.

2. Bowl and pipe

Bowls and pipes are similar devices for smoking pot. A bowl is a small hand pipe providing smaller THC doses with powerful effects. Pipes are smaller than bowls and highly portable if you want to travel with them. The smaller size means they are handy whenever you need them. You can use the devices to smoke pure hash or mix it with other THC concentrate. However, when using bongs to consume pot, you will get harsh hits from pipes and bowls.

3. Joint and blunt

Joints are easy to consume pot as you only need rolling paper and bud. A joint will give you harsh hits on the throat compared to vaporizers and may affect your lungs. Therefore, beginners should understand how to start slowly. On the other hand, blunts are like joints, except with the option of sharing with friends. Learn how to roll buds into the paper when using joints and blunts. Different varieties of rolling papers in various sizes determine your smoking experience.

4. Vaporizer

The latest addition to consuming pot is also modern inventions that get rid of combustion. With a vaporizer, you heat the cannabis and inhale the vapor. It is a cleaner way of consuming THC without getting harmful toxins into your lungs. Today, there are different vaporizers, including portable ones, that allow you to enjoy cannabis discretely.

How to know the right amount of THC to consume?

You must consider several factors when determining how much THC a beginner or experienced user should take.

Vaping vs edibles

It’s easy to consume too much THC through edibles than you do through vaping. Unlike smoking, eating cannabis does not immediately get you high. You need to be patient when using edibles and give it time for the THC to take effect. The best thing about inhaling cannabis is that you can easily control the dosage.

Cannabis strain

If you’re new to using cannabis, start with a cannabis strain with a relatively low THC percentage. Once you’ve gotten a better feeling for what you can handle, you can start experimenting with different strains with high THC percentages. The indica strains often have higher levels of THC when compared to sativa. If you have to use indica, start with low doses because of the high THC percentage.

Tolerance level

tolerance level

Tolerance to THC can influence how you use and enjoy the product. It refers to your body’s process of getting used to THC. If you have a high tolerance to cannabis, you’ll need to ingest more to get the same effect you once did. Determining your tolerance is vital to avoid the risk of extended high-dose use. Your genetics and the strength of cannabis can also impact your tolerance levels.

Bottom line

Knowing your ideal THC dosage is essential if you want to enjoy its benefits. Smoking or vaping is easier to dose because the effects are much quicker than taking edibles. You should also consider your tolerance level two cannabis use and determine the serving size of each product. Ensure you differentiate between THC and CBD and choose the suitable method.

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