6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Instagram Presence

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with more than a billion users. Your potential customers, competition, and so many other people can be on the platform.  Therefore, it is important to not sleep on this social media in your digital marketing campaign.

One thing that makes Instagram so popular is that it is free to use. There are no subscriptions required to access. You can have a residential WiFi connection like Charter internet or even cellular data to use Instagram and yes, you don’t need to worry about how much is Charter internet because it’s always reasonable. Other things that make this platform more popular are its easy-to-use UI and in-app features that are best for uploading images and videos.

The following are the reasons why your business should be one Instagram:

It’s the New Trend

Today, a lot of businesses have their official social media handles. Since Instagram is one of the biggest platforms, businesses usually do not miss out on it. And that’s not limited to particular industries. You may find many corporates that do not have the most photogenic visuals. The reason is quite simple it is simply a trend. Other things like leveraging the presence to benefit your business all are secondary. But first, you should follow the trend and be on the platform.

Building Credibility

Building the credibility of a business is crucial, especially in this age. It is because multiple businesses are offering the same products and services. When customers are doing their research, your company’s presence on Instagram can add to your business’s credibility.

You can share industry news, other content like photos and videos of your products, and much more. For the customers and prospects in the decision-making stage, your business’s Instagram profile, among other things, can prove your business’s legitimacy. That’s another reason why you should create and maintain your company’s Instagram.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is among the main reasons why a lot of companies work on their Instagram profile. It is important for building a brand and familiarizing people with your products and company. Also, awareness is the starting point of your customer journey funnel.

There are a number of features and tools on Instagram that can help you with brand awareness. A good thing is that both Facebook and Instagram fall under the same umbrella of Meta. The company has created tools for cross-sharing on both platforms. This means you can create and share the same posts meant for brand awareness from the same dashboard.

Complete Set of Tools to Increase Content Visibility

Instagram offers you a set of options to share content. You can create and upload regular posts or create stories that disappear in 24 hours. Also, you can set feature stories that your profile viewers can see. Apart from these, new additions like Instagram Reels are also excellent for sharing bite-sized videos. You can also upload regular-length videos.

You can include all these different forms of content in your strategy to gain engagement from a wider audience. Collectively, all these content sharing features are excellent for increasing visibility and retaining the attention of your audience. Their engagements can further promote your posts resulting in further marketing benefits.

Paid and Organic Reach

The visibility of your products/services and profile matters a lot. There are two approaches you can take to amplify this reach called organic and paid reach. Organic reach is the one that you get solely based on how algorithms push your content and profile. Your follower count and engagements are some of the crucial elements in this regard.

With paid reach, you set a budget to boost the visibility of your posts or profile. Also, you can set the demographic to ensure your posts are only shown to potential buyers. There are a number of options that give you maximum control to get the type of reach you need. Social media marketers make good use of these options to help businesses generate revenues.

Better Accessibility for Customers

When you have official profiles on Instagram, you can interact with customers in real-time. You can better understand your customers’ needs and how you can provide for them and for this you must follow Spectrum payment arrangement methods. Also, your customers can interact with you through comments and direct messages. So, that’s another plus of using the medium for your business. You can even ask you are satisfied customers for testimonials through their stories and posts. There are so many hurdles if you try to do the same through your social media.

The Bottomline

In short, there are several benefits of an effective presence on Instagram. It can help you with building a credible presence to lead customers further in your marketing funnel. So, it is worth the effort to create and manage your Instagram.   

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