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3 Reasons You Should Get a Hair Transplant in Dubai

Losing your hair as you age is normal, but if your hair loss is happening at an accelerated rate, then you might have alopecia areata or another type of hair loss condition that can lead to more serious baldness issues. If you’re looking to prevent further hair loss and start regrowing your lost strands, it might be time to consider getting a hair transplant in Dubai. Here are three reasons why this could be the right choice for you

They’re Cheaper

It’s actually cheaper to get hair surgery done in Dubai as opposed to other cities. Think about it; why should you go all the way from America to Europe, or from Australia to Europe, for example, if you can easily go halfway across your own country and save thousands of dollars at that? The cost savings will be incredible—and it’s one of the many reasons why people are switching to Alborj hair clinic. But also because they’re one of several best hair transplant center. They’re Faster: Another great reason why getting a hair transplant in Dubai is better is because they’re faster than other options.

If you have really bad hair loss and want to fix it right away, then going abroad might not be such a good idea. Instead, consider getting your procedure done closer to home so that you don’t have to wait months on end before seeing any results! At Alborj Hair Clinic, we understand how important time is when dealing with medical issues like these—that’s why we make sure our patients see results within just two weeks after their procedure! Isn’t that amazing? Two weeks! And no matter what kind of hair loss you’re experiencing, our doctors are more than happy to help!

They Have Better Technology

While it’s true that you can get a good hair transplant just about anywhere, there’s still considerable variation from country to country. For example, most countries don’t offer donor-hair micro grafting – grafts that are just one-fifth of a millimeter (or smaller) – which is what makes Alborj unique and helps them achieve superior results. With hair loss, as with everything else, technology advances faster outside of America than it does within its borders. If you want state-of-the art treatment, you should travel internationally. They Have Better Doctors: Another reason why people choose to travel for their hair transplants is because they have better doctors. Many American doctors aren’t specialists, but rather general practitioners who learned how to do hair transplants on top of everything else they had to learn. In other countries like Turkey or Mexico, however, doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgery are typically more skilled at performing these procedures.

There’s Less Waiting Time

Waiting for your hair to regrow after other hair restoration procedures can take months, but with a follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant there’s no downtime required at all. Alborj Hair Clinic performs FUE hair transplants on their patients while they relax, which means they can begin sporting a full head of healthy, vibrant hair right after their procedure. An FUE hair transplant is completed within two hours. The patient and his personal physician or surgeon will decide beforehand whether to use traditional grafts, or follicular units as mini grafts that contain one to four hairs.

If you would like more information about these advanced techniques, feel free to contact our offices today. A hair transplant is performed by removing tiny plugs of skin containing hair from areas where hair grows in abundance, such as the back and sides of your head. These plugs are then implanted into areas where you have little or no hair growth. The procedure takes between three and six hours depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted and how many grafts are involved. It’s usually done under local anesthesia so it doesn’t interfere with daily life, although some people prefer sedation so they don’t have to be awake for every moment of it. Before surgery begins, an aesthetician will remove any unwanted facial hair using a special cream called waxing epilator. This treatment removes even short hairs without causing pain or irritation.

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