10 Women’s Fashion Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Are you one of those women who would sulk in front of an open closet whining that they have nothing to wear? And yet, your shopping jaunts are never-ending. But the problem is that you are a victim of fast fashion. That means the blouse you bought last month is already out of vogue. Now you feel like it is part of the trash pile, essentially representing your wasted dollars.

Stop freaking out! There is a solution!

First things first, you need to find the will to pull yourself out of the endless drill of following one trend after the other. Trends will come and go but timeless basics will never get old. Those Pakistani mehndi dresses, trench coats, and leather jackets that you wisely invested in are going to save your day because they simply don’t go out of fashion. Ever!

Let’s give you a great list to rely on when hoarding your essentials, which never go out of vogue.

Top 10 Timeless Fashion Trends for You to Hold Onto

  1. Trench Coats.
  2. Levi’s 501 Jeans.
  3. Tweed.
  4. White Tees.
  5. Hats.
  6. High Heels.
  7. Floral Prints.
  8. Short Black Dress.
  9. Animal Print.
  10. Fur, Leather, and Suede (Faux).

Trench Coats

Remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Audrey Hepburn totally slew her iconic style with a trench coat. Ever since it has become a wardrobe essential for times to come! Invest in this classic trench coat by a high-end brand. It’s worth every penny because you can always rely on it to look chic and stylish. Consider it as one of your chicest choices.

Levi’s 501 Jeans

Do you know that Levi Strauss sold the first pair of their legendary 501 jeans in 1853 in San Francisco? They are simply indestructible. And there is no end to their versatility. 501 are the signature pants of the brand and without a doubt, they are the most timeless pair of jeans in history!

You need to get these form-flattering pants in your closet!


The ever-popular fabric tweed has been around since as early as 1830. Its popularity further escalated when Chanel chose it to be a signature part of their privileged fashion house. Even today, there’s nothing more iconic than a classic tweed piece by Chanel. You can wear it as a dress, a jacket, or a skirt. And you will know that its weight and texture are unmatchable.

You need to have at least one exotic tweed piece in your closet.

White Tees

The king of the wardrobe basics! White tees are simply timeless. Plus, they are incredibly convenient. The pairing options are unlimited. You can pair them with jeans, suits, and whatnot. You can easily flaunt a great look by pairing your favorite pair of jeans with an amazing white tee and completing the look with an elegant blazer.


Hats have never gone out of vogue. You can take it from certified fashion mags. And even movies! The hat that Kate Winslet flaunted in Titanic became a fashion symbol. Cloche hats were worn by women back in the ‘20s. Ever since the hat styles have been in constant flux. But they haven’t stopped to be a staple for all the fashionable folks out there.

High Heels

Nothing compares high heels when it comes to the display of power and sensual appeal. Period! Few people know that heels go back to as early as the 10th century. But they were practically adopted by women as a stylish footwear option by the 15th century. And ever since, heels are perhaps the most loved style symbol for shoe freaks.

Floral Prints

Floral prints may give you summer and spring feels. But since they are inspired by nature, they are as timeless as nature itself. It looks stunning in any form, shirts, boots, coats, bags, even heels! It is one of the favorite patterns for fashion-savvy dressers.

Short Black Dress

Your wardrobe is just not complete without a short black dress. It is your go-to outfit for sudden dinner and party plans. you can just whip it out and pair with a beautiful pair of heels and you are good to go. When it comes to reliable outfits to whip out, this simple yet elegant dress tops the list!

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been in and out of mainstream fashion. But most of the time, it did have a fierce rivalry with floral prints in popularity. Animal prints have managed to resurge and currently, they are a rage. Choose your favorite amongst tiger, cheetah, zebra, and other animal prints and flaunt it away!

Fur, Leather, and Suede (Faux)

Yes, we are quite aware of animal cruelty and all other rights. Therefore, we are all about high-quality and stunning faux versions. Fur-trimmed stoles for women and hoods, leather jackets, and suede shoes are major fashion statements for women throughout the history of fashion.

Happy dressing up!

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